How Can You Make Your Hotel Lobby More Welcoming With Custom Rugs?

Hotels are no longer just a restaurant, but a destination for a calm and relaxed feeling. The hotel lobby is another important place for your guests. It is the first impression of your hospitality and hotel. Guests spend time working, socializing, and relaxing in the lobby. 

With versatile designs and styles of rugs, you can create a warm and comfortable space for your guest. Hoteliers are using specially designed rugs for the lobby to amaze their guests with a bold, attractive, and aesthetic statement.

Decorating ideas for your lobby with rugs

Rugs are cheap and easy to install, but selecting a rug for your lobby is a complicated task. A perfect suitable rug can do a lot more than just wiping outside dust off your leg. Here are a few tips for selecting a rug for your lobby –

  1. Shape and size – Rugs are available in round, square, and rectangular shape of various sizes. You can select the right one based on the usage and architecture of your lobby. Suppose you are using a rug for the seating area, the rug must be large enough to contain the tables, chairs, and other arrangements. An imperfect size rug will overwhelm your lobby.
  2. Fibers – Depending upon the traffic within the area, you can select a durable and easy-maintenance rug. You can select wool, silk, or cotton rugs for the seating area as they are expensive, low stain, and dust resistant. A polypropylene or synthetic rug for high traffic areas is a smart choice for its high durability, dust, and stain-resistant. You can provide padding to increase its durability.
  3. Color, texture, and design – Rugs are available in large varieties for your lobby. You can select an expensive and durable hand-knotted rug or a cheap and less-durable machine-made rug based on your choice and budget.

The rug color like pastel colors can provide visual interest, calm and relaxing feeling to your guest. Select suitable rug designs and styles to match your lobby interior design and lighting effects. While buying a rug, you can consult the professionals of the rug supplying company.

You may go online for placing some distinctive custom rugs with logo orders for your business from Ultimate Mats. These rugs are trending branding tools for advertising and marketing strategies. Ultimate Mats have been providing unmatchable premium quality mats for individual and commercial usage from top manufacturers in the U.S.A. With over 15 years of experience, they have achieved to provide the best pricing and customer service.

Why choose rugs for your hotel lobby?

Rugs can keep your hotel floor away from debris, staining, and wear for clean hospitality. Let us see some of the beneficial reasons to choose rugs –

  1. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  2. Durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance.
  3. An effective noise insulator and slip-resistant.
  4. Provides visually striking and aesthetic introduction of your hotel.
  5. The best option for high traffic areas.
  6. Customized with logo for advertising and branding purposes.
  7. Provides comfort underneath your guest’s feet.

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