Guide to Buy a pocket knife

It would not be an exaggeration to state that knives are one of the most useful tools for mankind. They have been assisting mankind for millions of years and since their invention, the lives of humans have only become easier. Man became an adroit hunter only by the virtue of pointed and sharp weapons which we may call the ancient knives. 

There is a huge variety of pocket knives and hence, picking the right pocket knife is crucial for you. Since the evolution, the knives have evolved and different styles have come out. One of the most famous designs of pocket knives is the Laguiole knife. They were originated in a small village in France called Laguiole. 

However, the current market is inundated with spurious copies of Laguiole knivesThis is because the name of the Laguiole knife has not been registered and since it has come into the public domain, it can be used by anyone now. Today, a multitude of these manufacturers compete under the guise of the same name. 

If you are in search of sturdy and best quality Laguiole knife then you must consider buying LAGUIOLE French knives from Le fidèle. They are the most exquisite and the most trustworthy products. Their team of expert craftsmen pay great attention to detail and quality. They have preserved the age-old traditional way of making the Laguiole knife. 

Pocket Knife Buying Guide for beginners 

Even though it sounds very simple, buying a pocket knife is not child’s play. There are many factors while buying a pocket knife. Here is a list of factors on which the quality of the knife depends:

Determining the number of blades- when it comes to blades, less is always more. Keep for those cases when more is required due to practical reasons, only fewer blades are sufficient. Let’s discuss the difference between various types of blades. 

1- Single blade pocket knives- the best quality of knives is those which are simple in design. The single blade pocket knives are better because they focus solely on the structure of a larger blade. Such blades carry a locking mechanism which gives them more strength for performing heavy-duty tasks. 

Such knives also have a spring mechanism that allows them to open in a fraction of a second. 

2- multi-blade pocket knives – having a knife that has multiple blades allows you to perform a diversity of works. These knives usually are equipped with two or three or even four blades. The ones with two blades are the most common pieces. However, with three and four blades, you have a diversity of options available. 

3- Swiss army knives and multi-tools- there are many occasions when all you need is a single package for executing multiple tasks. Such knives are great for places like camping and other escapades when you have a paucity of space and a lot of utility tools to carry. Swiss knives are a single storehouse of necessary tools and blades.


Knives have been one wheel of the chariot of human evolution. Choosing the right quality of a knife has never been less important in human life. 


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