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Thomas Ravenel is a former politician and reality television personality known for his appearances on Bravo’s “Southern Charm.” Born on August 11, 1962, in Charleston, South Carolina, Ravenel had a privileged upbringing as the son of former Congressman Arthur Ravenel Jr. and his wife, Louise. Here is a closer look at Thomas Ravenel’s life, education, career, and net worth.

Personal Life:

Thomas Ravenel has had a tumultuous personal life, marked by numerous scandals and controversies. He was married to Mary Ryan Ravenel from 1995 to 1998, and they have two children together, a daughter named Kensie and a son named Saint. In 2015, Ravenel began dating his Southern Charm co-star Kathryn Dennis, and they have two children together, a daughter named Kensington and a son named Saint Julien. However, the couple’s relationship was fraught with drama and ended in a bitter custody battle. Ravenel has also been accused of sexual assault by several women, and in 2018, he was arrested on charges of assault and battery in the second degree.


Thomas Ravenel attended The Citadel, a military college in Charleston, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. He later attended the University of South Carolina School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree.

Height and Weight:

Thomas Ravenel’s height is 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), and his weight is approximately 195 lbs (88 kg).


After completing law school, Thomas Ravenel worked for a few years as a prosecutor in the Charleston County Solicitor’s Office. He then went on to work in real estate development and became a partner in his family’s commercial real estate business. Ravenel’s political career began in 2004 when he ran for the United States Senate as a Republican but lost in the primary. He then served as the State Treasurer of South Carolina from 2007 to 2007 but resigned after being indicted on federal cocaine charges. In 2013, Ravenel returned to politics and ran for the United States Senate again, this time as an independent, but was unsuccessful.

Thomas Ravenel became a household name when he joined the cast of Bravo’s “Southern Charm” in 2014. The reality show follows a group of socialites in Charleston, and Ravenel quickly became one of the show’s most popular cast members. However, in 2018, he announced that he was leaving the show after five seasons.

Net Worth:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Thomas Ravenel’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million. Most of his wealth comes from his family’s real estate business and his appearances on “Southern Charm.”


Thomas Ravenel’s life has been marked by controversy, from his political scandals to his legal troubles and personal dramas. Despite his controversial past, Ravenel remains a popular figure in Charleston and beyond. His appearances on “Southern Charm” made him a household name and helped boost his net worth. Whether Ravenel will return to politics or reality TV remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: he will always be a fascinating figure to watch.

Personal Life
Date of Birth August 11, 1962
Place of Birth Charleston, SC
Spouse Mary Ryan Ravenel
Children Kensie, Saint,
Kensington, Saint
College The Citadel
Degree Bachelor of Science
in Business

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