Sustainable Lighting Tips For A Gorgeously Green Home 

Lighting is definitely one of the most important parts of our homes, and it is a very crucial component of our daily lives. But lighting does use a significant amount of energy, and it is high time that homeowners consider the impact that excessive energy usage can have on our generation and the generations to come. High energy consumption can prove to be a strain on the societal infrastructure too. 

Turning your decor or your lighting layout sustainable isn’t as complex as it sounds, and it won’t prove to be a difficult thing in the current era, given all the technological advancements in the lighting industry. Energy conservation can not only have a positive impact on the environment in the longer run, but it can prove to be economically beneficial to you quite instantly. Choosing the right sustainable lighting designs for your home can beautifully bring the best out of your decor and transform your space into something unimaginable. Now take a look at the following thoughtfully curated list that will give you just the headstart to give your home an effortlessly sustainable touch. 

Switch To LED Lighting

No matter what the trends suggest, LED lighting is the future. LEDs have become a household name now and they’re a common sight to see. But they still have a long way to go. LED lighting is the best choice you can make for your home as they are effortlessly effective and efficient compared to the alternatives like halogen lighting or other incandescent options. Even CFLs are a thing of the past now when compared to LED lighting. The best part about LED lighting is that you can find them in any shape and form for your space. The colour temperatures can be chosen too. Earlier LED lighting was limited to the bulbs you would find in the market, but now there are LED decorative lighting designs and most architectural lights are equipped with the technology too. 

Tactical Task Lighting 

Tactical task lighting is the way ahead. The most common mistake we make when we design our lighting layout is that we only have one primary lighting fixture and a couple of smaller secondary lights. And when a task is to be carried out in the space, we end up switching everything on and wasting unnecessary energy. If you go for a layered lighting concept, you can choose to go for the functional lights alone to carry out the tasks. Consider smaller wall lights, table lamps or downlighters for the purpose. 

Choose the right colours for the space 

Be it the lighting designs or the colour of the walls, choose to go with lighter shades or neutral hues, as darker shades absorb more light and tend to store the heat within the walls. The lighter shades also influence the visuospatial perception and make your space appear bigger. You can follow the same rule with other decorative elements, furnishing and home decor

There are many other ways you can add a sustainable touch to your homes, and those include going for dimmable lighting, using wall-washing techniques in the space and using energy-efficient ambient lighting. 

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