Guide to Giving Flowers For Different Occasions 

Thoughtful gestures and meaningful presents are a great way to communicate and tell someone you care about them, especially when words can only go so far. This is why flowers can be a great present for any occasion, be it a birthday or Valentine’s Day. 

Choosing which ones to give is the tricky part though. The same flowers you would give to a loved one probably won’t be appropriate for a funeral, which is how the language of flower emerged in Victorian times. It became so popular that it was a way of communication in itself, and flower giving traditions are influenced by it even today. 

Keep reading to find out more about giving flowers brisbane on different occasions. 


For most birthdays, the best advice is to choose a bouquet based on the receiver’s personal preferences. Chances are they already have a favorite flower and favorite color, and you should try to add as many of those elements into your floral present.

This is because the birthday is all about them. If you want to add something special to the bouquet, you can add small chocolates and candies between the flowers after attaching them to long sticks. This cross between an edible arrangement and a bouquet will be very well received. 

Valentine’s Day 

If you plan on giving flowers as a Valentine’s Day gift, there’s nothing that will beat a bouquet of red roses. In fact, this flower is so well-loved for the occasion that several stores and websites offer special bouquets of the bloom for the days leading up to the special holiday. 

If this isn’t what you prefer, you can go for roses in different colors. Pink roses signify affection while yellow roses stand for happiness, and white-colored flowers usually remind people of innocence. 

Office Parties

For office parties like retirement, promotion celebrations, welcoming a new boss or team member, or saying farewell to one, the best approach to flower and gift-giving in general is for the whole office to pitch into one single present. 

Flower-giving in the workspace can get complicated if given from a single subordinate or superior to another, and even within team members on the same level you need to be cautious in case the present is taken the wrong way. 

This is why you’re better off pitching in as a team for a single present, and there are Presently can help you collect the funds and get a present when the whole team is working remotely. 


There are traditional flowers you can give to your spouse on every anniversary, like carnations for the first anniversary, and daisies for the fifth. 

While this is great, these flowers can get a bit impersonal. You should try giving your spouse flowers that suit their personal tastes, and try to accompany them with a handwritten message, a present, and preferably an anniversary celebration or romantic date. 


Flowers on a wedding are supposed to be colorful and cheerful, or they’re supposed to fit the theme of the wedding itself. Not every culture considers it appropriate to show up to a wedding without presents or just flowers, which is why taking cultural norms into account is important too. 

If the bride and groom expect wedding presents, you can still show up to the wedding with the present and a bouquet to accompany it.


Funerals are a less than cheerful occasion where giving flowers is risky business. Once again, cultural norms need to be taken into account. Not every culture wears black to the funeral and flowers might be unwelcome in some, but if you know for a fact that flowers are okay, you can always either take somber blooms in white, or the favorite flowers of the deceased to the procession. 

Make sure not to take extravagant bouquets to the funeral either. Small and simple ones with just a couple of blooms will be more than enough. 

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