How to score well in tenth class science exams: 5 best tips for students

The board exam of class tenth holds a lot of importance in the lives of learners. Many schools and educational institutions consider tenth scores to allot the streams and subjects to the students in class eleventh. Hence high scores are essential. One of the most important tenth class academic subjects that required good exam preparation is science. Let us discuss some very effective tips that all learners can follow to score well in their tenth-grade science exams. 

Points to remember: for students 

  • Make lesson-wise science notes. This will keep your studies systematic and effective. 
  • Attentively listen in the classrooms. When we listen to teachers properly we understand better. 
  • Use different tools for your practice. Along with textbooks, use sample papers, online apps, quizzes, and guides. 
  • Punctuality and regularity with learning are very important. Hence study science daily. 
  • Try to avoid the habit of procrastination. Don’t delay your learning further. 

How to prepare for science exams: steps to follow 

  1. Make a separate notebook for elements and formulae 

Chemistry and physics are subjects that are full of formulas, units, elements, and derivations. To score well in the science board exam, all learners should develop a separate notebook for it. This will surely help in scoring good marks in the papers. You can utilise this notebook as a very useful resource to remember and revise the formulas timely. Also, they don’t have to search for all the necessary information again and again from the textbooks and guides. This proper notebook when maintained will help you to carry systematic revisions. What all you must include in the notebook is 

  • Chapter-wise formulas 
  • Lists of chemical elements. 
  • periodic table. 
  • Derivations 
  • Units and other facts. 
  1. Stay consistent and revise more 

Board exams are not that basic and easy. Students need to revise a lot to score well in exams. Tenth class students have three science divisions to cover which are chemistry, physics, and biology. This means the lessons and curriculum is a little vast. If you are thinking that you will start preparing when the exams are on the head, it’s a wrong idea. 

Consistency with studies is very important. Class topics and self-learning should go hand in hand. Ensure that you are learning the lessons simultaneously when teachers are doing them in the class. Try to complete your syllabus as quickly as possible so that you get enough time to revise and review your knowledge. Some tools for revisions can be 

  • Revising lesson wise science notes 
  • Reading textbooks or NCERT books. 
  • using audiovisual tools from online teaching apps and sites. 
  1. Take breaks in between preparation

To ensure that you prepare regularly and effectively, breaks are important. Our mind is not a machine and hence needs time to process and digest particular information. Therefore all learners before moving to a new lesson should give some time to your brain to retain the information. During this break time, you can do whatever makes you feel relaxed and calm. 

  • You can make a live video call to your friend to relax. 
  • Take a quick nap to re-energize yourself. 
  • You can also do any leisure activity such as listening to music, watching YouTube, etc. 
  1. Focus on both applications and theories 

Board exams are a mixture of all types of questions. Along with lengthy theoretical questions, application-based questions and numerical will also come in the exams. Many students keep learning theory topics and practice less the applicative section. Focusing on both is very important to score well in science board exams. If you have any difficulty in solving the questions, ask your teachers, home tutors, or discuss them with your friend over a live video call

  • Solve examples and textbooks questions properly. 
  • Use guides and sample papers to practice numerical. 
  1. Perform physical activity 

Along with active learning, physical fitness is also important. Sometimes even after learning properly, students are not able to give their hundred percent in the exams because of physical illness. Hence regular physical activity is also important. Make a habit that you have to make out at least thirty minutes for any physical activity daily. This will help to ensure physical and mental fitness. Fit students can perform much better in preparations and exams. 

  • You can do brisk walking, jogging, any cardio, simple dances, or Zumba. 
  • Any time of the day can be chosen to exercise and move. 


The tenth class results of boards matter a lot for students. And one of the most important subjects that must be focused on by students in science. All the above-mentioned tips can be used by learners to score well in their science exams. Also, they must remember that practice and dedication to learning is very essential to achieve high scores.

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