Should you choose glamping or camping? What is the difference?

 Are you a travel lover? Or someone who is always waiting for an opportunity to explore the world? Then you must know and learn about the difference between glamping and camping. In the modern world, a lot has changed. Now the new generations consider more comfort than thrill and stress. 

Camping is a known way of exploring the wild, but glamping is a new one. Even though it seems like a very fresh idea, there are still several reliable companies providing glamping services, for example, Vacanceselect glamping is doing a great job in this regard. You can trust them for their professional and safe glamping services. 

If you are new to the concept of glamping or have been following it but do not know if it is for you or not, then keep reading. 

As we here intend to share with you a few simple and distinctive features of both these amazing travel ideas, so that you may choose wisely. 

Even though we say that glamping is a new concept, still we cannot give you an absolute answer that it will be the best option for you. Camping on the other hand can be a better opportunity to explore the world. It all depends on the needs, health, and personal preferences of a traveler. So let us see why that is so. 


Glamping is a much more expensive and dearer project than camping. So anyone who is ready to splurge on vacations should consider glamping, instead of arranging everything on his own. 

On the other hand, if you are there to save while you enjoy it, then camping would be a wise option for you. 

Safety and family

As far as safety is concerned, so any company that is providing you a space for glamping such as the camps, or the huts would also take care of you and your family members. So if you are going with kids or women then we would recommend glamping. Moreover, anyone who is above 45 or is unfit, who cannot defend himself should also consider glamping.

If you have some strong people in your crew, who can take care of themselves and stay safe even when there are some wild animals out there, then camping will be a nice idea for them. 

Additionally, if you are going to a threatening place where there is a thick forest then again Glamping is better. 

Stress-free or thrilling? 

If you are planning to go for a relaxing vacation then camping might not suit you. As then one will need to fix the camp, then carry it all the way and throughout the trip. So those who wish to chill after long working months must consider glamping. 

Even though many old schools would tell you that camping is the best, it is only great if you are full of energy. Otherwise, there is no use of stressing yourself out and sleep only. 

Work and internet

We all want to enjoy but sometimes work would make it difficult to leave your business PC at home. If you are a busy bee then again glamping is better as it will be easier for you to keep an eye on your work. 

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