Dangers to Avoid at the Beach to Fully Enjoy the Sun, Sea, and Sand

A beautiful day at the beach is all one thinks about when summer arrives. Cars are packed with snacks and drinks and loaded with umbrellas and surfboards for a perfect day in paradise. We wouldn’t want anything to happen on such a picture-perfect day. However, accidents do occur at the beach when one isn’t mindful about them.

Here is a list of dangers to look out for while enjoying the beach –

  • Sinkholes – Children love to dig holes in the sand, but when the hole is left unfilled it can be quite dangerous for someone out for an evening stroll on the beach. A twisted or bruised ankle is very likely to occur while falling into a deeper hole can be life-threatening as the sand from the waves could potentially burry you.
  • Jellyfish – Jellyfishes are more abundant in shallow waters and no one would enjoy a sting from these slimy tentacled creatures. Their stings can be pretty dangerous ranging from a mild rash or burn to a more serious life-threatening accident. So, a jellyfish is to be avoided at all cost even the ones washed up on shore as their wet tentacles can still sting you. 
  • Ear and Eye Infection – There are harmful bacteria found in some water bodies and where the water quality isn’t that’s good. You can easily contract an eye or ear infection while spending too long in the water. There isn’t a way to prevent such a thing to occur, but rinsing the eye when you feel mild discomfort can reduce risks.
  • Sea Urchins – Stepping on these spiky creatures can sure-shot end your fun-filled day with a trip to the emergency room. These coral look-like creatures are hard to detect and a sting from them is very painful as they leave tiny shards in your skin that have to be removed to relieve the pain.
  • Cuts – Getting a cut on the hand or leg from jagged rock, shell, or debris while in the water can lead to an infection. While saltwater is good on cuts the water quality and bacteria in it can lead to a wound getting infected.
  • Sunburn – Sunscreens are a man’s best friend while making a trip to the beach but if you are careless to forget it or not apply it properly it could lead to seriously bad burns.
  • Rip Currents – This means powerful currents tend to pull swimmers out to sea and is something to look out for. When caught in a rip current it is best to swim parallel to it and swim to shore at an angle. Always swim at a beach with lifeguards who can help you in such situations. 
  • Harmful Algal bloom – Some algae blooms are particularly harmful when coming into contact as they are toxic and swimming in these waters can cause you to get sick.
  • Marine Debris – Oceans and beaches are filled with waste items that are tossed away by careless bystanders and a hazard to sea and ocean life as well as casual swimmers and shoreline walkers. 

Remember to be cautious while also having fun at the beach so a fun-filled time doesn’t turn bitter. The idea of this article is not to scare you, but it always a good thing to be aware of dangers. 

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