All you need to know before buying a Weighing Scale in Kenya

A weighing scale is a tool used to calculate the mass or weight of objects, particularly vast quantities of persons or goods. This article focuses on the variables that people or organizations should take into account when choosing the finest weighing scale to determine the weight of objects.


You should always check the capacity of the weighing scale against the maximum quantity of the materials you intend to measure. The capacity of the weighing scale should always be higher than the weight you desire to obtain from the material you intend to measure.

Accuracy and Precision

Different weighing scales have different levels of accuracy and precision. The accuracy and precision of measurement are usually influenced by the type of material and quantity to be measured.

Analog or Digital

Before buying a weighing scale, it is essential to determine which one will serve you better, between an analogue and a digital weighing scale. A digital weighing scale is more accurate and precise than an analogue. On the other hand, analogue weighing scales are cheaper than digital weighing scales. Analogue and digital weighing scales have a fair share of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before a decision is made on which is better.


When assessing the weighing scale price in Kenya, always ensure that you buy a weighing scale within your budget. There is no need to purchase a costly weighing scale, yet a cheaper one would have performed the same function effectively.


In businesses, connecting your weighing scale to a device capable of providing computational services is always important. This is to ensure that a customer pays the right amount of money for a particular weight.

In an instance where accountability and need for reference are required, it is essential to obtain a weighing scale that can be connected to a computer that will be able to record the data from the weighing scale.


Where you intend to use the weighing scale is an essential factor to be put under consideration before a decision on which weighing scale to use is made. In a place where electricity is available, it is advisable to buy a weighing scale that is operated by electricity.

In a place where electricity is unavailable, you can use a weighing scale operated by a generator or a battery. Some weighing scales are also affected by variations in environmental conditions like temperature changes. In places experiencing temperature variations, buying a weighing scale that is not affected by temperature changes is essential.


Buying a weighing machine with a more extended warranty period is always advised. This is because the repair and maintenance costs will be significantly reduced during the early days of operation.

Type of Material to be measured

Knowledge of the material to be measured is vital in determining the material of which the weighing scale should be made. When the material to be measured is liquid, it is essential to consider buying a weighing scale made of a liquid-resistant material.


The factors listed above should be considered before a decision to buy a weighing scale for use is made. Anyone wishing to purchase will greatly benefit from the content in this article.



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