Consideration to Make Before Buying Rain Gun Sprinklers in Kenya

Rain guns are the device of high-performance made to help farmers in overhead sprinkle irrigation commonly used on a large piece of land. These devices work at high pressure. They are designed to help farmers who want to use the overhead sprinkle irrigation system on a large piece of land. It can be achieved a wetting radius of up to 60 meters hence quite effective for large-scale irrigation.

When considering a rain gun sprinkler for sale in Kenya, check for the adjustable jet breaker feature. The adjustable jet breaker feature will allow you to adjust the droplets’ size and the result of the water so that sensitive or small plants are not damaged. They comprise different varieties, including skipper, impact, penguin pelican, triangular spacing, and flamingo rain gun.

Factors to consider when buying rain guns include;

Interchangeable nozzles

Different types of nozzles allow you to irrigate all soil and plants at different growth stages. Usually, the little nozzles at the top area of the gun do this water-breaking work. Rain guns are commonly used on plants unaffected by fungal diseases.

Nature of material

Rain guns are made of either metallic material or plastic material. Plastic makes operate at low pressure; they are not durable and cheaper. The metallic ones are long-lasting and withstand rough treatment, wear, and tear. Plastic ones are lighter compared to metallic ones. When purchasing, a person should consider the long-lasting one to reduce the maintenance costs and provide effective services for a long time.


Consider the piece of land being irrigated with the rain gun. For a small piece of land, buy a low range; for a large piece of land, buy a high range, thus covering a bigger area and requiring a high-power pumper with high pressure.


The amount of money set aside to buy a rain gun is the final determinant of the type and quality one will purchase. The price depends on the size flow rate and spraying.


Gear sprinklers and impact sprinklers are most common for overhead irrigation. Gearing sprinklers rotate full or parts of a circle, but impact sprinklers move in a circular motion.

Impact rain gun

It ranges from one inch to two inch and half inches. Specifications like water flow rate, operating pressure, and wetting diameter are indicated. It is mainly used in agroforestry fields, pastures, fruit orchards, herbs, large plantations, hedge plants, horticulture, and cash crops.

Rain gun discharges water in liters per hour. It is frequently used to irrigate pastures, tall shrubs, orchards, and expansive maize farms. Within one spin, the enormous distance is covered by water usage as well as throw radius.


Operation guidelines are always indicated in the user’s guide manual. When purchasing a rain gun, ensure it is attached to the user manual to avoid incurring extra charges during maintenance and repair.

Also, always ensure that you purchase a rain gun sprinkler from a supplier who will supply you with quality appliances that will last for an extended period.

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