Why is Video Marketing so Powerful?

According to Cisco, the online videos make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2022. That’s a huge number! The number is also a clear indication that marketers have a marketing strategy that revolves around video marketing. 

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Video marketing is a disruptive trend that is here to stay. 

Besides, what’s worth your time is this post in the New York Times, where authors have mentioned that we’re already living in a post-text world. 

New York Video Production Companies believe that consumers are not really into reading lengthy texts. 

Users on the internet prefer to avoid reading large chunks of text on their walls. Plus, only some people would pay attention to aggressive sales emails in their inboxes. 

Now, is the perfect time to roll your investments in video marketing. 

Whatever stage you’re in your marketing cycle, it’s essential to know that videos can account for a powerful asset. More interestingly, it’s measurable and provides quality insight into your sales and marketing process. 

Following are some reasons which will tell by video marketing will be so powerful in 2022;

Content creators can build trust with videos.

Here’s another fascinating stat on video marketing.

More than 60% of consumers would eventually purchase a product or service after watching brand videos on social media. 

They’re able to build trust in the brand by watching videos. So, in short, video marketing builds trust, helps you gather qualified leads, and boosts sales. 

Video is a really powerful medium to interact with your audience. Video demonstrations and face-to-face interactions allow you to connect with your audience on an emotional level. 

When you create an emotional bond with your prospect, you motivate the person to proceed in doing business with you. 

Videos provide you with the opportunity to build trust and likability. Hence, the chances of winning your prospect or making them buy your product or service are much higher. 

Videos boost SEO performance.

You may have heard that search engines love keywords or rank your content around search intents. But here’s the catch. 

Search engines love videos. Your website will be 53 times better off ranking on the front page of Google if your webpage owns some video content. 

Want to know why?

It is because videos are the #1 content piece when it comes to engaging audiences. Site visitors will likely stay on your page if it has video content. 

Since videos increase your dwell time per user, the search engine will automatically know that your content is quality. It will rank you higher. 

An example of this is YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine. Google ranks relevant videos from YouTube when you enter a search query. 

Marketers can reap quality returns on their investment

Marketers are raking in big money by using video marketing to their advantage. As per HubSpot, if your landing page has a video, you can boost your conversion rate by 80%. 

Now, most people would hold on to the notion that video marketing is costly. Frankly speaking, launching an effective video campaign is no longer a hefty investment. 

Things are different from what they used to be twenty years back. Content creation tools are much more accessible today. That has made the cost of start-up videos much more affordable too.

Given that you have a solid strategy for your marketing plan and quality video assets to bring in engagement, you can expect quality returns on your investment. 

Videos boost traffic and engagement.

Here’s another exciting stat on video engagement. As per Tubularinsights, 64% of customers are likely to make a purchase after engaging in a video on a brand’s social channel. 

In addition, if you’re just starting out, this one’s even more exciting. As per Animoto, more than 90% of brands have attracted new customers because of a video posted on their social media. 

What’s worth your attention is the idea that video marketing has immense potential to bring in qualified leads. 

Having some video assets in your communication mix, allow you to gain robust data about your customer metrics. 

It tells you a lot about how a prospect interacts with your brand. You gain quality insights into the brand perception, values, aspirations as well as inertia. 

That data can give you a real edge over competitors. You’ll be able to use these insights to your advantage and execute a successful marketing strategy that will improve the customer journey through the buying experience. 

Social videos are best for engagement.

Talk about stats on engagement, videos on social can generate 12 times more shares than images and text combined. Interesting?

Keep reading to find out more…

No marketer can deny the idea that engagement is the primary metric to measure for any type of content. As a creator, you want to ensure that you are creating content that resonates with your chosen audience. 

Liking a post and engaging your customer are two entirely different things. Know that making your ideal customer engage with your posts is a lot more than just having several likes on them. 

When it’s about gaining wild engagement on social, no type of content does better than videos. 

In addition to this, videos are dominating over all social channels. 

In today’s time, posting videos consistently over multiple social channels is crucial to your success. Plus, videos can actually be the driving factor to provide more success to your marketing activities. 

While there are so many options in your way to tapping your customers, it is no doubt that video is probably the most effective when it comes to gaining results. 

Bottom Line

To wrap up, video marketing has enormous potential for growth. Videos tell stories to audiences. Most people are not fond of reading. More than ever, people are not intrigued by texts or aggressive sales emails. 

They’re drawn to videos more than anything else. Videos compel buyers to build trust in brands and make a buying decision. Videos can mean the difference between inertia and purchase following a review. 

Hence, investing in video marketing has amazing returns for any brand.

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