Best Fintech Companies to Watch in 2023

Numerous creative firms are paving the way and offering novel answers to financial difficulties. This post will look at five of the best FinTech businesses to keep an eye on in 2023. These firms have been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs and are now set to change the way we conduct financial transactions.

These top FinTech firms will be ones to watch in the next years, from payment processing to digital banking and investment.

Best Fintech Firms in 2023


Flywire, created in 2011 by Mike Marasso, ranks among the top fintech startups in the United States. The corporation delivers a top-tier digital worldwide payment network to enable transactions in the travel, education, healthcare, and B2B commercial sectors easy and smooth. Simply said, Flywire provides an easy-to-use and powerful platform for reconciling and receiving payments in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Flywire, one of the top fintech startups in the United States, has successfully secured over $320 million in 9 fundraising rounds since 2011. Now, the firm serves over 2,400 customers worldwide, offering feature-rich payment solutions in 240 countries and 140 currencies.

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With the aid of the digital payment provider PayPal, anybody with an email address may safely send or receive money. It is without a doubt one of the top Fintech firms. Individuals and businesses may utilize a variety of payment options, including credit, debit, bank transfer, and PayPal balance.

Paypal also offers online invoicing, which allows companies to generate and send invoices online, making it simple for clients to pay. Customers may easily and securely send money to over 200 countries and regions. Moreover, Paypal now accepts Bitcoin as a better method to spend money.


Coinbase, which was created in 2012, makes it simple to buy, trade, and exchange bitcoins. This cryptocurrency trading company operates purely online, with no physical headquarters, and is fully approved and regulated in all US states with the exception of Hawaii. The startup originated with the novel idea that everyone, wherever in the world, should be able to send and receive Bitcoin easily and securely. Now, Coinbase offers a dependable and user-friendly platform for accessing the broader crypto-economy.

One of Coinbase’s biggest characteristics is its ease of usage. Even people with no prior knowledge of bitcoin may use Coinbase’s main website and mobile app with ease. This website also offers market research, advice, lessons, and crypto fundamentals. Individuals, corporations, and developers may all benefit from Coinbase’s products and services. Coinbase, which once only accepted Bitcoin, currently accepts over 160 other currencies and plans to add more in the future.


Chime is an American fintech business that enables people to bank online for free. The platform allows customers to access mobile banking services through the Chime website and app; the firm generates the bulk of its money via the interchange. With over 135,000 Twitter followers, Chime currently has over 8 million users and is valued at over $1.4 billion.

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Paydiant, Inc., situated in Auburndale, Massachusetts, is a PayPal-owned financial services firm that was founded in 2010. Paydiant offers cloud-based services to retailers, banks, point-of-sale and ATM providers, and others. Paydiant offers a white-label mobile wallet platform with mobile payments, loyalty, offers, ATM cash access, and other commerce services. The unique cloud-based platform allows merchants and banks to launch their own secure mobile wallet solutions in their own applications under their own branding.


Klarna Bank AB, established in 2005, is a Swedish fintech that provides financial services such as direct payments, pay-after-delivery alternatives, and installment plans. It’s less well-known that Klarna has grown to become one of Europe’s largest banks, with over 250k merchants and 90 million end customers.

This Swedish fintech behemoth is currently the most valuable private fintech in Europe, and its CEO and founder, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, said that the firm has had spectacular development in the United States and would continue to expand there and abroad.


Fintech, like any new and fascinating business, is going to be a roller-coaster ride as it grows. This is particularly true in difficult economic times, such as the last year or two.

In this article, we briefly talked about reliable, rich, and promising players in the fintech industry. Learn more about them if you want to create your own fintech solution or invest in this industry.

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