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At present, your young baby is learning to be independent in small but important ways. For instance, she could be able to drink liquid (breast dairy or formula, but she’s not fully ready for cow’s milk, however) in a glass and then eat dinner primarily by self-feeding. This is with plenty of room for the high chair’s bib, tray, and the floor.

If you dress your baby, you may see her push those small legs and arms through the leg holes if you steer them.

1- Teaching the rules

You are the only one who knows your child best, and you should follow your intuition. Some babies respond well to the soft “don’t contact, it’s risky,” while others need to hear a stronger tone or be physically separated from the tempting object. The goal is fair boundaries that are well-executed and don’t forget to send a baby thank you card to your special ones for supporting you during this new and exciting time in your lives.

Be consistent, or you’ll be confusing your child, as she’s likely to have difficulty in understanding the regulations she has to be adhering to and which ones don’t really matter.

Be aware that distractions are your best friend. It’s impossible to or shouldn’t stop your child from getting into trouble. However, you can learn simple hacks to save your child from getting into trouble on Babies and Beauty Website.

2- Make dinner more exciting

Do you struggle to make time for your own dinner time now that you’re making meals for your baby? Instead of ordering take-out hamburgers, you can make healthy, delicious patties at home during busy nights.

Here’s how to zing your meat or ground turkey that is lean. Mix in a bit of curry paste or curry powder and then mix in the diced bell peppers or shredded carrots to make a delicious antioxidant-packed punch.Grill them up, and then serve your hamburgers on whole wheat buns. Then add a tablespoon of mango chutney that you can buy.Do you want to have a future burger meal in your freezer? Separately freeze uncooked patties to cook on the barbecue or the stovetop.

3- The slide is a great place to take your baby.

Sit at the side and let your child slide at a gentle pace across the slide with her first feet. If she loves it (or does not), it’ll be evident.

You could also demonstrate to your baby how the ball or toy vehicle is able to speedily slide through the slides. It’s never too early to introduce certain safety guidelines that will be enforced when she’s a larger child, such as waiting for other children to exit before taking a turn and not attempting to climb upwards to the surface from below.

4- Make sure you are taking iron supplements

Are you feeling tired lately? You could be deficient in iron.Iron is an essential nutritional element that makes hemoglobin that is found within red blood cells. It transfers oxygen through the lungs and cells across the body. If our iron levels drop and hemoglobin levels decrease, it’s harder for us to carry oxygen around.

Iron is easily replenished, particularly if an avid meat eater. Choose lean cuts or extra-lean cuts with lower than 10 grams fat for each 3.5-ounce serving, such as top and bottom round roasts and steaks with sirloin tops and sirloin-tip sirloin steak side steak. For vegetarians, there is no better choice than Quinoa.

If you’re cooking steak or Quinoa, make sure you serve it with dark, leafy greens such as kale and Swiss chard. Both are good sources of Vitamin C which aid your body in absorbing iron.

5- Safety rules for pets

If you own pets or are planning to adopt one in the near future, be sure to follow these tips for safety: 

  • Never leave your child alone with a pet or dog, regardless of how gentle and sweet the animal is.
  • Utilize a baby gate to protect your dog from any room your child may be in. It is also recommended to place your dog in a crate whenever you want to establish an area of separation between your pet and your children. This is not only an effective method of separating the two of them, but your dog will be awed by it. If your dog is exhausted due to being chased, A crate can feel like a secure haven.
  • At a minimum, your dog needs to be able to respond to these basic instructions: “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “come,” and “off” (a signal to return to your feet after having jumped onto someone). If you didn’t send your dog to obedience classes as a puppy, it’s never too late to master the fundamentals. Your veterinarian can assist you in locating a class or trainer that is appropriate to your dog’s breed, personality, and age. (It’s difficult to train your cat to behave. However, cats tend to leave when they are scared.)

6- Baby Shoes and Toys

Do you want to purchase your child’s first shoes and stickle bricks? In the meantime, keep your feet unadorned. Shoes that are bare give your child’s feet a greater chance of touching the floor. This helps build coordination and balance.

If you’re worried about being too cold inside your home, Get socks that have non-skid soles. For outdoor activities, keep the footwear light and flexible.

Beware of tall boots or high-top sneakers that are groovy. Too much ankle support could slow your walker down because it restricts movement.

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