NEET 2022 Preparation Tips – Best Books and Important Topics

NEET is the biggest competitive exam held in India every year for admission in the top medical and dental colleges. There is a cutthroat competition so students have to start preparing for the NEET exam early. They have to start with planning and use the right preparation strategy to book a seat in the medical college. Candidates who would appear for NEET 2022 exam have to start their preparation now. In this article, we will discuss the best books that can help students ace the NEET exam. We will also discuss the important topics that carry more weightage of marks as compared to the other topics. Thus, students can read this article to get proper information about NEET 2022 preparation. 

Tips to start preparing for NEET 2022

A few tips are given here for the students to start preparing for NEET 2022. Students can follow the given tips to prepare well for the exam and score a high rank. 

Understand the NEET exam pattern

Aspirants who wish to register for the NEET 2022 must know and understand the exam pattern. It is an offline exam and students will use paper and pencil to mark the correct answers. There are a total of 200 questions and students have to answer 180 questions. The exam is for three hours and students have to answer questions from three sections: physics, chemistry, and biology. Each section is further divided into A and B sections. Section A carries 35 questions and section B carries 15 questions. Students have to answer 10 out of 15 questions from section B. Each correct answer will give 4 marks and for each wrong answer there is a negative marking and students will lose one mark. Biology is the main subject in the NEET exam and it is divided into botany and zoology. There are a total of 90 questions in biology. Thus, it carries the highest weightage of marks. 

Choose the right books and proper study material

Students should choose the right books and proper study material to prepare for the NEET. A large number of books are available in the market for NEET preparation. But, students must choose the right books. Several factors should be considered when choosing the right book for the NEET exam. Students must check the content, edition, language, price, practice questions, and other factors for selecting the most appropriate book for the NEET exam. NCERT books prescribed by the CBSE for classes 11th and 12th are the most important books to be followed for the NEET preparation. Students must study all chapters from the NCERT books. If they want to follow extra books other than the NCERT books, they can choose the following books: Concepts of physics by HC Verma, ABC of Chemistry by Modern, Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker, and objective Biology for NEET by M P Tyagi.

Start early preparation

Students should start NEET preparation as early as possible. Students should start their preparation immediately after the class 10th board exam. Students should do hard work for two years to score high marks in the exam. Sufficient time is available to prepare for the NEET exam if students make a proper study plan and an effective timetable. Some students join coaching classes to prepare for the NEET exam whereas other students choose to self-study. It is an important decision and students should make this decision as early as possible. 

Make a suitable and effective timetable

Students should start preparing for the NEET systematically. They should make a timetable depending on their daily schedule. Many students have to attend school and coaching classes so they have to make a timetable accordingly. Students also have to follow the timetable effectively to get good results. Thus, students should make a timetable that will help them to prepare effectively for the exam. 

Previous year question papers

Students must practice previous year’s question papers to get help. Previous year question papers can be of great help to the students as they can get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam. For example, the NEET 2018 Question Paper can be downloaded from here. Students can practice as many previous year question papers as they can. This will also help students to practice a full test and they can also understand the important topics from the exam’s point of view. They can focus more on the important topics to get high marks.

Must understand their strengths and weaknesses

Students must understand their strengths and weaknesses. They should give regular mock tests. By doing regular mock tests students will help to understand their weak points and strong points. Students will also learn to manage time and accuracy. Regular mock tests can help students to finish the paper in three hours and they can also maintain accuracy while doing the exam. This will help to boost up the confidence of students. Students can also solve practice question papers of every chapter of three subjects. This will help in better preparation of each subject. They should solve questions based on different topics given in a particular chapter so that they can clear their doubts and can answer questions from anywhere. 

Regular revision

Revision is the most important key for NEET preparation. Many students do not revise the topics learned in the beginning and in this way they keep on learning the new topics and forget the old topics. Thus, it is very important to revise consistently. Students can make short notes of each topic chapter-wise and can revise them regularly for remembering the important concepts for the exam. 


The last step for NEET preparation is to maintain confidence. Students should believe in self-confidence. They should believe that they can clear the exam and they should have complete faith in their preparation.

Thus, the above-given tips can help students to start with proper NEET preparation and get effective and fruitful results in the end. They have to focus on their aim and study hard to reach their goal and get through the NEET exam.  

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