Tricks that only experts in wood floor refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA know!

Companies providing wood floor refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA have a few aces up their sleeve, that help them offer their clients the best possible results while finishing their job as quickly & as neatly as possible. Why is that important? Because, compared to their clients, who have no reason to rush, regardless of whether they ask for these services or decide to approach the problem in a DIY manner (do it yourself), professional employees in this domain want to take on & finish as many works as possible in a short period of time, as this translates into profit.

Of course, the quality of wood floor refinishing services Fredericksburg VA is what matters most because one or more bad jobs would translate into negative reviews. However, this is not the case for Home & Business Services, a family-owned local company, operating for more than 10 years in the Greater Fredericksburg Area VA (including the counties of Culpeper, Caroline, King George, Louisa, Stafford, Spotsylvania, and Orange). They also offer home maintenance, handyman services, professional cleaning & turnkey services but, in the following, we’ll concentrate on floor sanding.

Normally, their wood floor refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA consist of the following 6 steps: cleaning the floor – prepping the perimeter – scuff-sanding the floor finishing – vacuuming & tacking – cutting in along the edges – rolling out the poly. However, while performing their activity, they can take certain additional steps, depending on the needs & the specific case in front of them. For example, they will repair any major damage first, if it exists, and they will label the wall & molding, in case the latter must be removed and then put back in place.

Furthermore, experts in wood floor refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA will make sure to select the right type of sandpaper (starting with a rougher grit & progressing to a finer one), and also to get more than might be necessary (to have spare). Later, they’ll have to decide if they’re using stain or not (to refresh the color of the flooring), and apply it only in a small section at a time, following the wood grain. Last but not least, they’ll decide, without forgetting to consult you, which primary finish they’ll use: acid-cured, water-based, or polyurethane.

Last but not least, highly-trained professionals in wood floor refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA will make sure to always apply two coats of finish, no matter how pressed for time they are, for best results, and then instruct you to give the flooring time to cure (at least 24 hours before walking on it with socks, 3-4 days before bringing the furniture back in, and 2 to 4 weeks before bringing the rugs back). In conclusion, opt for these types of services if you want to enjoy a beautiful floor, improve your home’s value, increase safety (by preventing splinter injuries), ward off pests, termites & ants, as well as save money (since it’s much cheaper than replacing the floor altogether).

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