What Students Expect from a Teacher 

Teachers and students spend a part of their life together, they meet almost every day, communicate with each other, learn about each other’s behaviour, etc. Just like teachers have expectations from their students, students also expect certain things in return. Now, with technology and innovation taking charge of learning and learning eventually moving online where teachers teach through various classroom apps and other software, at the ease of their homes and breaking geographical barriers, there still exists a communication gap between teachers and students. 

Teaching is a process and in this ongoing process, many times teachers have to face difficulties and sometimes it might be just meeting up with the expectations of the students. This article breaks down some expectations that students usually have from their teachers.

  • Make learning fun 

Students like classes that are interesting and fun to learn. Students are proactive and hence, want their class to be active and engaging.

  • Accept mistakes 

Teachers do make mistakes sometimes and students know it. Admit to your mistake. This proves that you are just like any other human being and it is alright to make mistakes.

  • Be respectful

As much as you expect respect from your teachers, it is your responsibility to respect students as well. Be nice and approachable to the students. Students expect this from their teachers.

  • Help students learn 

A teacher’s focus should be on making the students learn what is being taught. This might require the teacher to re-explain the topic and requires patience. This is what students want. They actually want to learn the topics and not just take notes and memorise.

  • Passionate about teaching 

Students can tell if a teacher is doing it for the sake of the job or is really interested in teaching and sharing the knowledge that he has. Students like teachers who are passionate about teaching, love their subject and are enthusiastic. This also creates a good environment in the class because when a teacher is willing to teach, a student is more inclined towards learning.

  • Challenge students 

Challenge your students for doing their work, be it a project, assignment or classroom activity. Challenging them means that you a keeping track of their progress and giving them proper guidance. 

  • Not too strict

If a teacher is too strict, students will never open up. Students like teachers who are lenient and approachable. It is always a good idea to be someone who is easy to get along with. It helps in establishing a good student-teacher relationship.

  • Good class managers 

Students do not like teachers who are biased towards certain students. A teacher who manages the class properly and treats everyone equally is highly sought.

  • Does not just lectures 

A classroom should not be a place where the teacher comes and reads out from a book or a PowerPoint and signs off. It should be beyond lectures. Engaging with the students, calling out their names, asking them for their opinions, giving relevant examples, conducting classroom activities etc should be done. While teaching online, teachers should choose the best app for online teaching that allows them to conduct classes seamlessly and also facilitate other facilities such as online quizzes, online chats, etc.

  • Focused on teaching 

A teacher who comes to the class and rants about the school authority or other teachers, or how bad his day was, etc. will not be liked. Students expect their teachers to be professional and focus on what he is there for i.e., teaching.

A teacher has a great impact on the life of a student so he should try to be the best version of himself and meet up to the expectations of the students. If you are liked by your students, your students will surely perform better academically and value you in their life as well.

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