Today’s kids are too smart compared to their parents in respect to knowledge in technology. Most of the Hire A hacker parents give their phones to the kids. So, their biggest worry will be linked with intolerable activities that go on using a phone. To be sincere you can’t track the activities on the phone manually because your children are more familiar with technology than you.

You can’t even say No when your kids ask for a cell phone as it has become a basic need in this era. This is not the only case; sometimes problems like cheating wife/husband, dishonest business partner, etc., can affect you very much. In these cases, you can take help from cell phones. You have to spy on their phone without touching it to know what is going on in their life.

Just installing the spying app on the phone does not solve your problem. So, what can be done is, get a tracking app on the device of the cheater and hide it. With the help of these apps Hacker For Hire, spying on someone’s phone can be easily done. They will not get any information about that app since it is hidden and operates in the background.

Some of the best apps to spy on someone’s phone without touching it are explained below.

KidsGuard Pro

This app enables monitoring of calls, messages on social media, tracking of videos, photos, location tracking, etc.; using its call recording feature, you can collect a lot of information about them. But the voice of the other side is a bit louder Windows Error 0x0 0x0 – Error Solve. Any way you can manage it. The most popular feature in this app is Take Photos; it updates all the photos 15 – 20 seconds after it is captured.

All the data can be synced to your KidsGuard Pro account only when that device is connected to Wi-Fi. It is a great undetectable app to hack activities on a phone. This app provides 3 different plans to purchase. 1 month plan ($29.95), 3 months plan ($16.65/month), 1 year plan ($8.32/month). Features of all these plans include dashboard, messages, photos, call logs, contacts, keylogger.

Drawbacks of this app are inaccurately working location features and non-updated call recording.


It is a comparatively new app to spy on someone’s phone without touching it. The speciality of this app is that it can monitor even the TikTok activities on the target phone or device. It can track the searches on the incognito tab also. To purchase this app, you can choose between 3 plans; 1 month ($49.99/mo), 3 months plan ($27.99/mo) and 12 months plan ($11.66/mo). This can show all sent and deleted messages as well. Information sync speed is really the best.

uMobix will not show bookmarks and social media updates.


The list of apps to spy on someone’s phone without touching it can’t be completed unless we mention mSpy. You can see all the data on the target phone and can even play the videos. It offers video playback and geofencing options also. All the chats and content on social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, etc., can be traced using this app.


It is a top spying app in the market. The famous networks like TechRadar, Digital Trends have shown green signal to this app. This app gives many options to track the targeted cell phone like SIM number, GPS location, etc.

Main characteristics of this app are

  •   Monitoring the social media account
  •   Tracking call history
  •   Stealth mode
  •   Chasing SIM location
  •   Message monitoring

To use Minspy for spying on someone’s phone without touching it, go to the website and enter all the details then pay the amount as per your desired plan.


It can be used in over 100 countries. This app gives a number of engaging features and ways to spy on someone’s phone without touching it. It provides all the options to track messages, calls, videos, photos, etc. it can also be operated in stealth mode. You can enable travel alerts to be notified whenever your cheating partner travels.


The advanced characteristics of this app are image and video capturing, call recording remotely. You will be notified on the change of SIM card. You can also know what all apps are used recently. If you want to know what is going on in the neighborhood of your partner, you can enable recording. Hence you can record and listen to the voices around your partner. Details of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp activities can be easily obtained using this app.

This app contains three plans: Lite ($29.95/mo), Premium ($68/mo) and Extreme ($199/3 mo). The main drawback of this app is costly extreme and premium plans.


it works entirely differently than other spying apps. Its Live View feature works tremendously and you will know what is going on in the target phone within seconds. Using the Click Activity feature you will overcome all the taps made by your target person. Using this app, you can track 3 devices at once.

This app offers 3 plans

Family: it costs $99 and has the storage capacity of 7 days

Family Plus: it costs $147 and has the storage capacity of 30 days

Business: it costs $297 and has the storage capacity of 365 days


It is the most popular application to spy on someone’s phone without touching it. For monitoring the target phone, you need to install this app on the targeted phone as well as your phone. Once all permissions are given, each and every data on the phone can be accessed. Keystroke Detection is the advanced feature of this app. 2 plans are available free and paid; the paid plan costs $29.16 per month.

All the above explained apps can be hidden and work surprisingly. We suggest you to use KidsGuard pro and mSpy as these are very easy and safe to use. You have to choose the “hide the app” icon while installing itself to hide it from the screen of the targeted phone.

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