Step By Step Guide On How To Make Your E-Liquid

You can control the flavor and nicotine level of your e-juice by creating your e-juice. Below are the steps that you need to follow when making vape juice.

Equipment And Tools

It is important to get all the necessary tools and equipment for making your E-liquid. These tools and equipment will be required: bottles, measuring glasses, pipettes, gloves, kitchen roll, and syringes.

The Ingredients

The next step is to gather all the liquids required for your homemade e-liquid. Surprised to find out that an e-liquid is made of only three components: the nicotine shots (PG and VG liquids), and the vape juice flavor extracts.

Calculate Your Fluid Measurements

How much vape juice would you like? How strong should your vape juice be? Would you prefer it to be VG thin or PG rich? A vape juice calculator can help you determine this.

Make The Base Mixture

For your protection, use gloves for this step. Use the appropriate-sized needles to extract the desired PG and/or VG extracts. To prevent future contamination, make sure to clean every syringe well after each use.

Add Flavor Containers

At this point, you now have a flavorless juice. It can be vaporized, but it will not provide any pleasure. This is where experimentation can be the greatest. This stage is where you can experiment with the flavor. As a general rule, 5 percent of your vape juice should have a subtle flavor. While 20 percent is the upper limit that can produce stronger and more flavorful vape juices, it’s best to go for 20 percent. Keep in mind that the number of concentrates you add to your vape juice will vary depending upon how much you want.

 It is recommended that beginners in vaping use only one flavor or no more than two flavors. You should use a little less flavor than what is recommended in any e-liquid recipe. This will prevent you from ruining your entire batch of vape liquid. For beginners, it is recommended that you do not exceed 10% of the whole batch.

Add Nicotine

Consider that nicotine strength can be determined by the volume of e-juice being created. This step can be confusing for both beginners and experienced vapers. A vape juice calculator is available to help you make your way through it. There are many different nic shot options on the market. This is why it is necessary to indicate whether you would prefer a VG-centric vape juice, or if you prefer the smoothness and power of a nic sodium.

Mix Everything And Bottle It

Now, pour the entire mixture into the beaker. Now, it’s time to mix everything. You will need a new syringe to transfer the mixture from the container to the storage bottles. Make sure you mix all the bottles well. Once the mixture is well mixed, seal the bottle. Give it another long shake. Remember that VG contains a lot of viscous material so you need to give the mixture a vigorous shake for it to blend well.

Leave The E-juice To Steep

At this point, 95 percent of the work is done. Vaping is now possible, although it may not be as pleasant as you would like. To allow the flavorings of the vape juice to thrive and for the liquid medium to intensify the flavors, the juice must be steeped. Place the bottled vape liquid in a dark, cool place such as the cupboard. They should be kept with the lids removed. The e-juice will get darker colors and a stronger flavor if it is allowed air to circulate. The average steep time takes 4 to 5 hours. Different ways of steeping can be used by different vapers. To speed up steeping, some use warm water to submerge the bottles or a slow cooker.  provides you with all types of e-liquid products of your choice.

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