How To Prepare Yourself for The Coolsculpting Treatment?

Coolsculpting is a popular non-invasive procedure to eliminate excess fat without the stress and anxiety associated with the surgical or invasive option. Sometimes years of severe exercise and diet programs fail to get rid of excess fat. Fat around the abdomen, thighs, and hips is stubborn and hard to shed.

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Coolsculpting is FDA approved technique and there is sufficient proof that this procedure is safe to eliminate fat without surgery. In this procedure applicators of different sizes and shapes are placed over a gel pad at a specific temperature and for a specific time. Your skin will feel cool for some time when the applicator is activated. 

When the machine has concluded its task, the treated areas are massaged to break crystallized fat cells. You have the right kind of skin elasticity and are eligible for the procedure. So, how will you prepare yourself for the day when a CoolSculpting procedure will be performed? Preparation is essential to ensure that you stay comfortable. 

Before you reach the clinic for treatment, take some time to understand the procedure and write questions to ask the cosmetic surgeon at Omaha Cosmetic Center in Nebraska. You read the detailed process on

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Prepare a question list to ask the cosmetic professionals

Even if the question seems insignificant or silly ask the professional because knowledge about the procedure will increase the chances of getting better results.

  • How many sessions are needed? 
  • How much fat will the procedure remove?
  • What will happen to the fat?
  • Will I freeze?
  • Will I see results instantly?
  • What to do to maintain the results?

Ask these questions before receiving the treatment. Clearing doubts is essential to getting good results.

Some things to avoid or do to prep yourself for CoolSculpting 

  • Avoid tanning areas that will be treated because tanning makes skin extra sensitive.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medicines or OTC blood-thinning drugs because this can expose you to bruise post-treatment. 
  • Avoid activities that can cause bruising, sores, or scrapes in the treatment area because damaged skin can need rescheduling.
  • Avoid smoking because it can slow the recovery process.
  • Avoid caffeine and beverages. 
  • Choose a low-calorie healthy diet that fulfills your body’s nutrition needs and will fasten the healing process.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated because toxins are eliminated and help in body contouring results. 
  • Before the appointment, consume a snack or small meal to maintain energy, blood sugar, and mood during the session.
  • Wear loose clothes that touch skin gently.
  • Wear comfortable and concealing undergarments.
  • Carry a change of clothes because the cool gel can get on the undergarments.

Find something to keep yourself busy

Even if cool sculpting is a painless process, you are awake. The treatment can take 2 to 3 hours, so to pass time carry a book or finish your email answering tasks or watch a movie. It is brought to sit around for several hours, so carry a book or laptop or you can enjoy music from your smartphone, but bring headphones.

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