How to become popular on Twitter in 2022?

Among people who like to exchange thoughts, ideas and share events that happened to them during the day, there is a popular social network like Twitter. This is a unique platform that allows users to freely communicate with each other, share photos and video content. About 500 million tweets on various topics are published online every day.

Twitter is  compared to a bar counter in a trendy area of the metropolis, where people communicate with each other using short messages, practice humor and can meet a real celebrity. The limitation in the volume of the text does not allow users to reflect, they have to express their thoughts briefly and to the point. Unlike other social networks, there are practically no meaningless landscapes, selfies and food photos on the platform. Twitter is designed for a more adult audience who are interested in ideas, not empty aesthetics. For this reason, there are so many popular stars, politicians, major brands and representatives of contemporary art on the web.

Twitter is a great site to advertise yourself or your business. But it’s not as easy to achieve fame now as it used to be. Those who started promoting on the platform a few years ago did not have to buy twitter followers and use traffic from other social networks. But do not despair, there are several ways to achieve fame in 2022. We will tell you about it in the article.

What content should you publish to become famous?

According to statistics, photos on the web are reposted more  than videos. But clips are more  saved to favorites. Short videos are trending now. This trend began with the creation of TikTok, clips up to 30 seconds won the hearts of people all over the Internet, and Twitter users are no exception. With the help of humorous videos, you can collect a lot of comments under the publication and get the first followers. Especially in demand is content that is related to recent world events or news.

Interesting texts without content of a different format are the standard type of post on the site. Many microblogging authors do not use photos and videos, adhering to the classic look of the page. Such tweets are reposted more often, especially if it is a humorous text or a story from your life.

List posts and expert advice perfectly increase the activity on the page. People like to think that they are not just spending time on the Internet, but benefit from it. Many users are happy to share such records and share useful information with friends. If you have something to teach the audience or you are an expert in your field, we advise you to write Internet notes as often as possible.

Promotion methods :

Traffic from other platforms. 

You can attract an audience by using your own accounts on other social networks or by posting a link on forums and blogs.Your loyal subs are more likely to react to a new communication channel than readers on the forums, because they do not know you. But if you decide to try advertising in blogs, choose thematic questions, answer them interestingly and organically insert a link to your account.

Advertising from popular users. 

You may have noticed that bloggers  mark third-party people in their posts. This is the very advertising that helps novice influencers get the first few tens or thousands of subscribers. An effective way requires money investments, so you will have to agree with the blogger to post a link on a paid basis. The main thing is that the subject of his page coincides with yours and there is good activity in the profile.


 Keywords are used as a filter to sort the content of one topic into a single feed. By clicking on the tag, the user will be able to see all the publications in which the words of interest to him were used. Using this tool allows you to generate traffic, but you need to remember that you need to have a large number of subscribers, likes, reposts and comments in order for a tweet to reach the Top. If you want the post to be seen by as many people as possible, buy real twitter followers. Thus, the algorithms will recognize the account as interesting to a large number of people and will promote it higher in the search query. Do not overdo it with the use of tags, it is enough to specify two keywords that you can specify in any part of the text.

Promoting a page on a website is a complex process that requires effort and time from you. In order to achieve the desired result, you will have to upload a lot of content and delight followers with new tweets. Be yourself, write about what is interesting to you, communicate a lot with people and then the result will please you. Good luck!

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