Frequently Asked Queries about Liposuction

Liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery that is favored by people who are obese. It is the best effective stress-free way to reduce the stubborn fat tissues that don’t reduce even after doing exercise and diet.  An expert cosmetic surgeon guarantees it is a permanent solution to maintain body shape to look younger and fit. Hence, you can avail stress-free liposuction procedure to stay in good shape forever. 

Many people are considering liposuction procedures, but often they are confused about the process, its results and whether they will be troubled by its side effects. Hence, hesitate to have an appointment with a dermatologist for liposuction. Fortunately, they can easily access answers to their questions by just visiting the website of the famous Orlando Liposuction Specialty clinic such as The website provides detailed information about the liposuction procedure, its effects and reasons for needing to do the cosmetic surgery.  

Common queries and answers related to liposuction asked at the first consultation:

  • Will it take many hours to finish the procedure?
    • It may take more than two hours if there are multiple parts of the body to cover. The traditional process of liposuction takes lesser hours than other procedures. The liposuction done supported by ultrasound and tumescent liposuction takes more than three hours to complete. 
  • Can liposuction be done while having other cosmetic treatments?
    • Usually, people prefer to do, thus it is common to have breast lift and tummy tuck at the same time. However, your dermatologist will decide whether you are the right candidate to have multiple cosmetic procedures at the same time. 
  • Have you done many liposuction procedures and whether all of them were successful?
    • Usually, an experienced dermatologist specializing in cosmetic surgery would answer positively. They will provide you contact details of earlier clients to understand their experience while doing liposuction procedures and its results. You can even check the doctor’s health care clinic website to read the reviews posted by their patients. 
  • Are you the right candidate for liposuction?
    • Usually, it is the best treatment for all who are suffering from excess fat issues. However, the person’s medical history and age are considered by the dermatologist before finalizing the liposuction process. 
  • What precautions to take before liposuction treatment?
    • You need to quit smoking and stop consuming any strong medicines. Smoking prevents the wounds to heal fast and medications may be the reason for experiencing any side effects. 
  • Is there only one kind of liposuction process used?
    • Actually, there are a few kinds of liposuction processes like tumescent, laser, vaser and ultrasound liposuction. The option to choose the best among them mainly depends upon the desired result. 
  • Are there any chances of experiencing complications after the liposuction treatment is completed?
    • Usually, there are no side effects however, there are chances of enduring swelling, feeling of dizziness after surgery, the area treated may feel slightly different, there may be pigment formation seen on the treated area or there may be blood clots. All these issues are temporary thus be relaxed. 

Liposuction is the best possible way to reduce fatty tissues when all other fitness programs fail to give desired results. 


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