Australian video tech company: How to choose one?

Video is a rapidly growing online advertising medium and is no longer exclusive to large companies. The tech sector in Australia contributes to 6.6 per cent of its total GDP and employs more than half a million people. An Australian video tech company provides a wide range of products and services that underpins productivity and innovation in other industries. Video tech companies have a lot to offer to small and medium-sized enterprises, and before you opt for one, you need to know a few things. The factors you must consider are:

Research on companies

To choose an Australian video tech company of your choice, conduct thorough market research. You can seek recommendations from other marketers and companies to know its reliability. You could also look for videos on social channels of different brands. The videos do not necessarily have to be of a competitor’s business or with the same target audience. You could find a different niche that compels you and delivers the message. If you are looking for video production in a particular region in Australia, do a simple Google search and narrow down your top five picks. 


An average Australian consumes video about 26 hours every month. There has been a rise in expenditure on online videos as the viewers may spend about 48 hours watching videos each month. The videos presented to the audience influence the perception of the company. If the editing and production quality is poor, customers will likely develop a negative perception. Video production quality is associated with both the production process and the video content, resulting in an emotional connection with the audience. 


A significant section of Australian viewers across different demographics likes to watch short videos on mobile devices. Short-form videos resonate among the yonder audiences aged between 18 and 34 years. Therefore, the style of video is an essential factor in content creation. Video production requires an emphasis on style and aesthetics to make the videos engaging and appealing.


Video production is affordable in various regions of Australia if you clearly understand video production goals and the construction of costs. The development of a video usually involves pre-production, production and post-production costs. You will produce a good quality video if you have a sizable budget. Budget is the primary determinant of production quality, and the price may range between $100 and $30,000. 


When choosing a video tech company to raise awareness about your business, increase web traffic or create customized videos, it is essential to have a definite timeline. It is well-known that video production involves a lot of work before getting ready for release. The production timeline should be appropriately scheduled, detailing each factor to clearly understand the video’s objectives. Hence, sufficient time needs to be dedicated to each production process to ensure the success of the projects. It is recommended that when working with a new agency, it is best to have a little wiggle room so that the content is perfected before release.  

Customer satisfaction

You must choose a company for video production that can be easily coordinated with. Coordination will enable consistent and continuous service delivery and increase customer satisfaction. Moreover, irrespective of the video quality, if a company has customer service issues, you are advised to move to the next option. 

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