A Detailed Styling Guide On White Sneakers With Winter Outfits

White sneakers had made a place in our wardrobes from the athletes only wardrobes. These are the ultimate staple that everyone needs in their closet. But season wise do we know why or how to wear them? So this article focuses on detailed research before you go up to buy white sneakers.  

The reason to opt for white sneakers even if they are always the ones that get dirtier easier is that they are the versatile and classy option to opt for. These white pair of sneakers go with any kind of outfit be it skirts or dresses to daily wear like jeans or leggings. Back are the days when we wasted thinking white sneakers are for athletes but now we can put forward the fashion statement. This casual, comfortable vibe gives the much-needed low-profile look but as said simplicity, can never go out of date. This can allow matching any sort of aesthetics as it complements all. Apart from that white sneakers always adds versatility with the neutral color it possesses as it matches any. 

But moreover, at the end of the day, we all crave comfort, because who doesn’t want the comfort offered by shoes rather than heels or sandals?

Wintertime is for cozy wear, so opting for high-top white sneakers are the best option as this will prevent your ankles from getting frostbite. White sneakers with black high-rise jeans can be paired with a sweater and topped up with a puffer jacket to stay cozy. One extra head-turner would be the addition of a beanie hat. But occasion specifically here are some specific ways in which you can style the white sneakers.

  • Office day: If you are looking to complete the formal look then opt for simple white sneakers that go well with a suit. This combo of button-down white ironed shirts will be a head-turner if you choose to pair them with a well-tailored modern suit. 
  • Date: When looking for a casual date wear option during winter, then pair your denim preferably brighter-colored denim that integrates well with your white sneakers. This pair makes it effortlessly easier and goes well with your outfit. These are easy and versatile options that you can blend seamlessly with the entire outfit.  
  • College days: If you are a student and want an obvious choice of white sneakers for a hectic day at school or college this winter, then go for white sneakers paired with classic polo t-shirts. This minimalistic yet refined look goes well for the days that require hours of work, standing, and walking. These can be easily pulled up during your hectic hours without any overthinking.
  • Night clubs: Those winter nights when you and your gang decide to go out for a drink, choose the white sneakers that make you stand out and give you the stylish look. These always become the perfect contrast from your gang as these give a touch of athleticism. Pair them with ripped jeans and a warm jacket. 

Tips to look before you style them up

White sneakers for any season remains to be everyday shoe whether it is winter or summer and no matter what occasion you are upto.

  • Accent with socks: in terms of the right color for your white sneakers it is always white socks. What matters other than the color is the height of the socks, make sure it is right according to the bottom wear. If you can pair them with printed, neon ankle socks especially if you are wearing high tops. Also, this can be paired with no-show socks so that the look is cleaner. 
  • Regular cleaning: keeping them clean is the best way to prevent buying new pairs. White sneakers can be cleaned with a simple mixture of water, baking soda, and detergent. Also, these are easy to clean through a machine wash. 

Understand what is best for you.

There are a few things to consider before you head out to buy white sneakers from the vast variety of white sneakers available in the market. Here is a list of things that you must keep in mind before you go.

  • Material: leather, canvas or faux leather are the market’s most usual choice. If you want to have the lightweight and easy walkable option then opt for the canvas material. But the canvas material gets stained easily and the one that lasts longer with no such easy marking or staining is the leather material. 
  • Cost: opt for a budget-friendly pair of white sneakers if you are going to wear them often outside. But if you are looking for formal wear then opt for more excellent pairs by investing more.
  • High top and low top: both options are considered to be classics, so you are the one who has to opt. But since low-top sneakers are easier to wear it is a more versatile option rather than high-top shoes. 

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