Top 8 Teams with the most wins in the T20 International

The T20 International is one of the most revered cricket competitions in the international arena. When it comes around, the cricket world is delighted as the best cricket nations take to the pitch to entertain us with some of the loveliest cricket delicacies.

Given the global enthusiasm for the competition, it is intensively featured on top media and bookmaker platforms, including top bookmaker crypto sites, allowing a universal audience to savor proceedings.

But do you know the most successful teams to have played in the T20 International competition?


Pakistan has always been a country obsessed with cricket; therefore, their cricket team’s accomplishment is no small feat. In the T20 International Cricket, their side has established a strong reputation after winning 131 of 215 contests, or an excellent 63.09% win percentage.

Their greatest score in this format was 232/6 in 20 overs against England in their inaugural T20I match, played in Nottingham in 2021.

The Pakistani side won the 2009 T20 World Cup, which was held at Lord’s, defeating Sri Lanka by an eight-wicket margin. This was an improvement over their competition finish as runners-up two years prior.


India is the second team on the list with the highest wins in this cricket format. However, they are the team with the highest wins on the list of full ICC members participating in this tournament.

Since their debut in the competition in 2007, they have successfully notched up an impressive 125 wins out of 196 games. This results in a 66.49% win rate.

India won the first T20 International World Cup in 2007 by 5 runs with a win over Pakistan in the finals.

In addition, they raked up a winning streak of 12 consecutive wins starting with a win against Afghanistan in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, before the streak was cut short in a seven-wicket loss versus South Africa in June 2022.

India’s Rohit Sharma holds the record for the most sixes in an international T20 game with 182 sixes.

South Africa

The lone African nation on this list is South Africa, which ranks an amazing third with a win percentage of 56.33. Out of a total of 164 games played, the squad has won 94. Despite having a high victory percentage, they have never taken home the T20 International trophy.

However, they can take pride in the fact that in 2022, they put an end to the Indians’ 12-game winning streak with a dazzling performance.


Australia is the fourth country on the list of teams with the highest wins. In terms of T20 international cricket, the Australians have undoubtedly enjoyed their fair share of success. 

They have played 175 games in all, winning 91 of them with a win percentage of 54.41%.

Australia’s excellent performances during the 2010 T20 World Cup provided hints as to their potential. However, they still placed second in the competition. 

The Aussies scored their best total of 263/3 in 20 overs against Sri Lanka in 2016.

Their most notable performance in the competition came in 2021 when they defeated New Zealand by eight wickets and claimed their maiden ICC World Cup.

New Zealand

With 93 wins out of 182 games played, New Zealand is ranked fifth on the list of teams with the most T20 International wins. 

Interestingly, at 54.77%, they have a slightly higher win percentage than Australia having played more matches than the Aussies.

New Zealand has had an inconsistent journey in the T20 International but managed a high point of reaching the finals of the 2021 ICC T20 World cup, where they lost to Australia.

Star player Martin Guptill holds the record for the second-highest number of sixes in a T20 International with 173 sixes.


England, a country with a diverse sporting history, comes in last on this list. Out of 170 games played, this European powerhouse has won 90 times in the T20 International competition. 

With a win percentage of 55.48%, they outperform the two teams stated directly above.

England has some of the top T20 International batters, like Johnny Bairstow and Ben Stokes. They won the 2010 T20 International World Cup, defeating Australia to win their first T20 International championship, thanks to the team’s tenacity.

In addition, they defeated Pakistan in the 2022 T20 International World Cup to win a second trophy, giving them a strong foothold in the historical annals of the competition.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the seventh team with the most T20 International wins. The team has played 172 games, won 79 times, and registered 92 losses. It boasts a winning rate of 46.6 percent, the lowest among the top seven.

Sri Lanka is unarguably one of the most prominent nations in T20 history. Notably, it won the ICC T20 World Cup in 2014 and triumphed over India by six wickets in the final. Sri Lanka was runner-up in 2007, and the 2011 editions of the ICC T20 World Cups.

West Indies

The West Indies Cricket team is a multinational team consisting of 15 English-speaking Caribbean countries. 

It sits eighth on the list of the most wins in T20 International, with 71 wins and 93 losses in 176 games. It has a 43,67 percent win rate.

Despite the relatively low win rate, the team has been hugely successful in the format. It won the ICC T20 World Cup in 2012 and 2016. 

The West Indies team is currently ranked 8th on the list of the best T20I teams in the latest ICC rankings. West Indies hosted the 200 ICC World Twenty20.


There you have it: the six top teams with the most victories in T20 Internationals are Pakistan, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and England.

However, relatively minor sides like the West Indies and Zimbabwe are highly unpredictable in this Cricket format, as evidenced by the great number of matches they have also won.

Nevertheless, it is left to see whether this unpredictability can make other teams match up to these top six and whether the top six will still dominate the list of teams with the most wins in the future.




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