Moving Made Easy For Kids

Are you planning to move from Boston to New York in the coming weeks, and don’t know how to break the news to your children? It won’t be easy talk. Children are resistant to such changes, especially when they already have many friends. 

They fear that they have to start the whole process of making friends, and what if they don’t find anyone in that new place. Plus, a foreign environment always creates anxiety. Even adults get nervous, so it is natural that your children are rebelling or strongly disagree with the move. 

Apart from that, when you think of packing and moving, it feels as if the whole world is conspiring against you. It is advisable to get professional help by getting movers from Boston to New York. Here are a few tips on handling children while moving:

Plan the Move With Your Kids

This tip is a universal one whether you have kids. In this case, start planning with our kids. Include them in your decisions. Ask them if they are okay with the moving date and if they would like to suggest some changes to the plan that was created. 

This helps to create a sense of responsibility, and they might even help you with the move instead of revolting. Let them even set up a meeting with friends to announce the move to the kids’ friends.  

Be Ready Before Convincing The Children

You might have heard that you should put your oxygen mask first before helping your children and others. Well, the same applies in the case of moving. If you are afraid and nervous about the move, the kids would pick up on it and would rebel more against it. 

You have to be ready, too. If you are a person who doesn’t take change easily, keep a long gap before the gap so that you have enough time to help yourself and then your kids. If you are not ready to move, then take some time for yourself first.    

Announce and Acknowledge

Don’t be the parent to dismiss their fears and other negative feelings your kids show. When you announce the move for the first time to your kids, give them some time to process and ask questions. Let them also know that you too were apprehensive about the move. Or whatever negative emotion you felt, share that with your children. They would know that they are not strange or alone. 

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