HOA management 101: Finding the right firm for the job!

There are numerous perks of owning a property in Scottsdale that’s managed by a homeowners’ association. Managing the work of an HOA is often challenging for the board members, who are expected to make time in their busy schedules. The truth is an HOA demands as much work as running a business. If your homeowners’ association has decided to take professional help, choosing the right company would matter for beneficial outsourcing. Choosing between Scottsdale HOA management companies can be confusing, but for your help, here are some aspects to consider. 

  1. Expertise in HOA management. Running an HOA is more than just about managing a few properties. It requires experience and expertise because we are talking about numerous residences at once. Look for a company that has worked with HOAs in Scottsdale and has a credible client profile. You can also ask for references. 
  2. Investment in tech. Without an automated system in place, tracking bills and dues can be an overwhelming job. When you look for HOA management companies, consider if they are using tech to the benefit. Top companies even have an “All-Access Client Portal”, which is accessible to clients around the clock and provides the information that a user wants. 
  3. Check if they offer support for in-house accounting. That’s another thing to consider. Budgeting, bookkeeping, and finance are often the key concerns of the board, and if you are hiring a company to handle everything related to the HOA, they should offer support and training for in-house accounting. 
  4. Ask about legal counsel. HOAs often run into legal troubles, and when that happens, the board would need legal counsel. Finding good lawyers or determining the next step would be a lot easier when an HOA management company is around. However, not all property management firms specialize in offering legal support, and it’s best to ask in advance. 
  5. Relationships with vendors and contractors. Top HOA management companies have their list of contractors and vendors, and because these firms have used these services time and again, they share good relationships. Ask the firm if they can handle service requests on priority and whether they have a network to prove that.

As for the cost of outsourcing HOA management, it depends on the work involved. However, you can ask for estimates in advance. Just make sure that the board is clear on what they wish to outsource and the extent of control they would like to retain. 

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