What is the best Chromebook on the Market Right Now?

Many people have a misconception about what a Chromebook can really do, as most simply assume that it is a laptop that specialized in running a few more Google apps than any standard laptop. However, what many people don’t understand is the sheer power and variety of functionality options that the best Chromebooks can offer. 

A good Chromebook has strong computing power and can master and power more actions than a standard Windows laptop or Apple MacBook. Chromebooks are slightly on the more expensive side of the laptop industry, but you really do get bang for your buck when purchasing one. 

Acer Chromebook Spin 713 

Acer has fast become one of the leaders in innovation when it comes to the Chromebook industry and is pumping out some of the best devices the laptop industry has ever seen. The Spin 713 is one of the company’s latest releases to date, and it simply blows anything that they have put out before out of the water. It has one of the clearest laptop displays that you can possibly see in 2022 with a 3:2 display panel that rivals some of its more expensive competitors. 

The keyboard is gorgeous and comfortable with subtle underlighting, and the 11th gen processing unit ensures that the Spin 713 is one of the fastest and most powerful Chromebooks currently on the market. The most important aspect to remember about the Spin 713 is that despite all of its top-of-the-range features, it is not one of the most expensive Chromebooks in the industry. A must-buy for anyone looking to try out a Chrome OS for themselves. 

ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3

The ASUS CM3 is an attempt to compete with Lenovo to create the best detachable laptop on the market, and it is a valiant and strong attempt by ASUS in this regard. The CM3 is a 10.5-inch tablet with a kickstand and keyboard, just like the Lenovo Duet, except ASUS has added a few more impressive features that might just put their product at the top of the podium in terms of detachable devices. 

Firstly, the kickstand can fold in multiple directions meaning that the tablet can be set up horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally depending on your needs at that very moment. This will make using the device to play at Grand Rush casino online so much easier. 

The practical functionality of this device is truly what sets it apart from any of its competitors as the software, processing, and battery life is rather standard for modern-day Chromebooks. It has been estimated that the CM3 can work continuously for around 13 hours before needing to be charged. 

Chromebooks are the Future

The two Chromebooks mentioned above are top-of-the-line and are a bit more expensive than your standard industry laptop. However, as these devices become known for their quality and power, they will start to dominate the market and become standard household devices. 

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