What features are a sign of the high quality of mushroom farm equipment?

Properly equipping a mushroom farm is instrumental in its success. We live in times of great technological advancement, which translates into higher efficiency and better workplace safety – not keeping up with said advancements can lead to falling behind the competition.

While every investor might have slightly different needs and preferences, there are a few crucial features that need to be taken into account in every circumstance when choosing equipment for a mushroom farm. We’ll describe them in detail below.

Mushroom picking trolley

Mushroom picking trolleys are probably the most important piece of equipment in every mushroom growing farm. Their quality and features have a significant impact on the farm’s overall profitability, so it’s important to make a good selection.

But what should a good trolley be like? Automation is key. Automated platform movement (especially up and down, but left and right is also helpful) not only increases picking efficiency but also is much less tiring for the pickers than in the case of older trolleys, which had a crank that had to be manually turned. Furthermore, high-quality trolleys should be built in a way that allows easy picking from the top and bottom shelves of the shelving.

In modern trolleys, the stopping system is also automated, which helps prevent workplace accidents. Such trolleys are equipped with optimal-capacity batteries that ensure that the trolley can operate for a long time before needing to be charged. It’s worth pointing out that while modern trolleys take advantage of new technologies, they also utilise effective non-electrical solutions, such as doors that open inwards, thus easily preventing the picker from working without closing them first. Try and get your own shrooms online now!

Mushroom scales

Scales used in mushroom growing farms need to be much more durable than regular kitchen scales, for example. This is due to the harsh conditions on such farms, especially when it comes to temperature and humidity.

Consequently, they should not only be precise but also meet the appropriate waterproofness condition (although resistance to mechanical damage is also worth paying attention to). Battery-powered scales are a good option, as there’s no cable that could get accidentally damaged – they only need to be replaced once every couple of months.

Growing nets

Growing nets fulfil an important role in a mushroom growing farm – they are used for putting substrate on the shelves of the shelving and then pulling it out after use. While this may seem like a simple task, in reality, the low quality of the net can have significant negative

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