Hiring a Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant: 5 Steps

Money makes the world go round? Nope, we think nonprofits make the world go round. They help those in need, from children to pets to vets. When the world has forgotten and somebody is feeling unloved and unneeded, a nonprofit swoops in to rescue them. But, as a nonprofit yourself, who swoops in when you need help? This is where a nonprofit consultant can help…a field that has grown tremendously in recent times.

What’s a Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant?

The name might give the story away, but a nonprofit fundraising consultant is a professional who helps nonprofits reach their objectives…whatever they may be. They are experts in fundraising and know the ins-and-outs of campaigns, events, social media marketing, communications, and donor relations. Whether you support children and have been in business for 17 years or help the elderly and are just getting started, they also provide guidance on budgeting, planning, and other operational matters that can be overwhelming for those less experienced or knowledgeable about running a nonprofit.

Do You Need a Fundraising Consultant?

Have we read your mind with this question? The truth is that many nonprofits fail to recognize when they need help. Especially when getting from month to month is a struggle financially, you might wonder how you can make this arrangement work. Allow us to explore the reasons you might need a consultant.

  1. You lack fundraising experience: Obviously, having some sort of knowledge in fundraising is key to success. If you’re tired of looking at a blank sheet of paper, it’s time to work with a professional because they can use their magic to turn the blank sheet into the start of a cohesive strategy. Don’t let your inexperience be a barrier to helping those you want to help.
  2. Your nonprofit is stuck: Let’s say that your nonprofit has been around for a while and you’re seeing the same results year after year. Above all else, this could be a sign you need an outside perspective to bring something new to the table and help your nonprofit reach its potential.
  3. You want to keep up with changing trends: Fundraising is constantly evolving with emerging technology, social media, and other types of campaigns (you don’t need us to tell you!). Can you imagine what it would have been like many years ago with no internet? Well, the internet is a blessing and a curse (yippee…boo!). You might be able to access everyone in one click, but so can everybody else. 

How to Hire a Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant

  1. Research your options: Look at consultant profiles, read reviews, and get in touch with them directly to ask questions. Make sure you understand their work style and how they have helped other nonprofits before making a decision
  2. Know your budget: Before you even start looking for a consultant, don’t go into the process without knowing how much moolah you have to spend. Instantly, you can cut the candidates and forget those who charge too much. 
  3. Agree on terms: Once you’ve found the right candidate, find out how it all works. Make sure you understand any contracts or agreements and read them over carefully before signing anything – although it’s painful, read that dreaded fine print. 
  4. Ask questions: Too often, people think that the consultant has all the power, so they don’t ask questions. You have the money and the power. So, find out how they will use their experience and tailor it to YOUR needs.
  5. Monitor progress: Don’t let a consultant drain your budget without checking how they’re spending your money. Communication is key here, so make sure you are in touch regularly to ensure that everything is going according to plan.

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