Four New Ultramodern Gadgets Designed To Tickle Your Futurist Fancy

The gadgets available out there nowadays are truly becoming incredible, and while we don’t have flying cars just yet, we do have a bunch of other cool stuff to keep us busy. Of course there are the usual hot topics, such as driverless vehicles, Neuralink, block-chain, machine learning and AI, re-launchable rockets, etc. There are also, however, a few other mind-blowing futuristic gadgets that you may have not heard about just yet. 

  1. Segway’s S-Pod Mobile Chair

Segway is well known as a successful tech company that makes amazing self-balancing vehicles. While most of us have become familiar with their popular scooters, not everyone yet, has seen their new S-Pod mobile chair. 

This new variation of “personal transporter” may look a little odd and precarious balancing on just two wheels. However, judging by the great success of Segway’s previous products, these chairs may very well soon be zipping around a mall, airport, or sidewalk near you. 

  1. The Bosch Virtual Sun Visor

Eyestrain caused by sun glare while driving has become an increasingly serious issue over time. As most car owners are all too familiar with, it can often also be a very inconvenient, and even potentially hazardous, distraction. 

Renowned German manufacturer, Bosch, however, has come up with an ingenious solution. Their new virtual sun visor sits over the inner top half of your windshield and automatically adapts to block the sun as you drive. An array of special sensors tracks both your eyes and the sun, and darken and lighten a grid of cells across the visor accordingly, ensuring that you have just the right amount of shade on your eyes at all times.

  1. NextMind Remote Controller

Jumping on the Neuralink bandwagon, NextMind is a somewhat cheaper and more accessible option that is now available to the public. 

By tracking electrical impulses in the wearers brain, the device allows you to perform basic tasks such as changing the TV channel and volume, or even to control simple games that you can play after you claim your online casino sign up bonus. To some this may seem like sorcery, or at least a bit of an unnecessary gimmick. Nevertheless, it signifies the beginning of incredible things to come.

  1. Amazon’s Astro Home Robot

These days, more and more “bots” of various sizes, complexity, and price tags, are becoming available to commerce and industries around the world. However, aside from perhaps robot floor-cleaners, the large majority have so far failed to gain a solid foothold in the home market.

The Amazon Astro household robot aims to change this. A multifunctional fully automatic household robot, Astro’s many uses and features range from being a mobile home-security system and personal assistant, to being handy cup-holder.

The Way Forward

There are plenty of other incredible new inventions and gadgets becoming available these days. So many in fact, that some undeservedly miss out on their due recognition while others are taken for granted. With a lot of it being on the affordable side, it can be a highly worthwhile experience exploring new tech every now and then, if only just for fun.

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