Why We Need A Forensic Audio Expert

The rise of new technologies and the advancement of social networks have changed our way of understanding reality and communication mechanisms. Thanks to the expansion of the internet, it has been possible to quickly connect with people from all over the world.

Which opens a new path of interpersonal interaction for both social and work relationships. Although the advantages of telecommunications are innumerable, they also give rise to circumstances, conflicts, misunderstandings or deceit that can complicate these professional and personal relationships.

Currently, the validation of audio files is a common requirement for the authentication of judicial evidence. However, not all voice evidence is admissible in court.

To ensure its validity at the judicial level, the work of the forensic audio expert is essential, who is the professional approved for such purposes.

In this sense, audio recordings are considered to be computer files that can be very easily manipulated, which is why the services of qualified forensic audio expert are required to carry out a thorough and professional analysis. In this type of report, these files are authenticated so that they can be presented or taken into account as valid evidence in a trial.

What Is Audio Expertise?

It is a technique that allows an exhaustive analysis of an audio file in which the recording of one or more voices is collected. It is closely related to forensic acoustics.

In this type of expert opinion, all the elements that appear in an audio are studied in detail to determine its validity as judicial evidence. The techniques used within this type of procedure are diverse (cleaning, sound filtering, voice authentication, etc.), but all of them are focused on determining the real value of this evidence in a trial.

Therefore, through the audio expertise we can verify that a file does not present alterations and that it constitutes a valid testimony during a verdict.

Why Is Audio Expertise Necessary?

Within the judicial sphere, any evidence presented must be validated by a computer expert who verifies its authenticity and accepted by the court itself.

Both when filing a complaint and challenging a legal case, there are contexts in which voice evidence is essential. Especially in those cases in which the main evidence is audio, the analysis of an expert in voice expertise is imperative to certify the validity of these recordings.

The intervention of a collegiate computer expert guarantees the value of these tests, in the same way that other types of expertise related to different areas do, such as medicine or forensics or computing. Just as other evidence is carefully examined by professionals to avoid adulteration, the voice is also susceptible to manipulation.

The Role Of The Registered Computer Expert

A computer expert specialized in forensic audio reports is a professional registered in Computer Engineering who, through the use of hardware and software tools, is capable of authenticating recordings and clarifying their details: Cleaning distorted or interfered audio, clarifying the origin of the audio, specify the person or persons that appear in the file, detect audio deep fakes, etc.

What Does An Audio Appraisal Consist Of?

As previously mentioned, when an audio file is presented as evidence in a trial, it must be validated by a computer expert through an expert report that guarantees that the chain of custody of said file has been correctly complied with. This report essentially confirms that the audio file has not been manipulated by software, which would invalidate its acceptance in court.

Today there are countless web applications, computer programs or editing tools, as well as tutorials on how to use them, with which anyone can easily edit this type of file. Likewise, other applications such as voice distorters or impersonators have given rise to what is known in the computer world as deep fakes.

All these new possibilities, which will be perfected in the coming years, make the work of the voice expert increasingly important. If at present this type of verification is already a judicial requirement, in the future the role of the computer expert will be transcendental for many other areas.

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