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Everyone is familiar with YouTube’s world. A website where people can make a lot of money and share videos for free. Millions of people earn their living from YouTube. If you are confident that you will perform at your best in front of the camera and have a creative mind, go for it.

There are a lot of newbies who want to start their own youtube subscribers channel but don’t know where to start. Before you join this amazing platform, here are some content suggestions to help. A person’s first impression can be their last, as the saying goes.

To Make Your First Video, You Can Use The Content Ideas Below.

An introductory video

First, let your Instagram followers know that you’re considering starting a YouTube channel. You can post a question box to your story and caption it with the Q and A. It is where your followers will ask you queries, they want to know about you. You can check out; Twinfluence for an idea of what Q and A questions are. After 12 hours, check your response box. Answer these questions for your first Youtube video.

This way, your followers will have a perception that you care about them. If you are not comfortable with answering personal queries, it is understandable.

Shoot a tutorial

Teaching your audience something trending in the market will help you to gain followers. For instance, you can educate your followers on how to do a particular thing or teach a skill that can help them to earn money. These kinds of videos are most viewed in 2022.

People want to learn ways to make passive income from home. Make sure you explain every step clearly. If you can, add a demo in the video. It will take time to shoot, but chances are you will gain followers instantly.


These videos, which typically feature an authority figure from your industry, can have a massive impact on expanding your audience.

These videos allow your audience to engage with these people and can be shared as content on both channels. Additionally, this makes your content accessible to a new audience that may be interested in your goods or services.

Reviewing products

You might conduct product reviews in your niche, depending on your audience. It provides you with many opportunities to talk about products you are interested in and ideas for YouTube content.

Try to include a recently released product that you share your review of in this video idea. Make an effort to differentiate your review from the competition with amusing commentary and careful editing.

The product you select is entirely up to you, but if it falls within your field of expertise, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to create a very enlightening video about it.


The vlog is one of the most popular videos on YouTube, which is noted for people who want to make money with their channel. Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge your individuality. It could be how you act in front of the camera: talk to your viewers or tell your story or something else that sets your channel apart from the competition.

You can’t stand out from the sea of other vloggers unless you do that. Need help getting your Vlog off the ground? A video will be great on how to start vlogging.

The storyteller

One of the central factors in material today is storytelling, as we’ve already stated on this site. Audience, after all, want more than simply information on goods and services; they want to know how these things may help them solve their problems.

When you share a personal story on YouTube, you can benefit individuals who are currently in that circumstance or will be in the future.

If you can present a story they identify with, they will be more inclined to spend money with your company. Talking about significant events in your career or sharing a problem you overcame will help with this.

DIY videos

Although it could seem like one of those trends, this video concept typically works because it shows someone how to complete a task on one’s own.

That could consist of anything from recycled-material crafts to digital content templates.

To make this kind of video, you must be an expert on the topic. Your clients won’t be able to trust you if you demonstrate that you lack the skills or knowledge necessary to handle the task at hand or to operate your product.

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