Choosing the perfect flares for men: A guide

Section 1: Introduction

The shadow of flares stretching and extending from the knee down paints a time when music was revolutionized, disco balls stand out brightly and individuality was celebrated. Symbolizing the ’70s, this unique pant style has successfully managed to overcome the temporal barriers and assert its relevance in the 21st century, especially men. 

However, as with any fashion change, it’s important to tread it with a blend of caution and creativity. One can ask: How does a penetrating spark of yesterday find a place of harmony in today’s world? How do they articulate the emotions of the past, yet still relate to the complexities of the present? The careful selection and artistic style of these pieces is the key.

This guide will aim to compass you on this entire journey. Not only does this provide a look into the past, but it also shows a path towards the nuances of today through the selection of a pair of flares. We’ll look into the nuances of style variations, color palettes, material choices, and supporting art. 

Section 2: Main Body

As we embark on our journey to find the perfect flares for you, let’s start by understanding what the important factors in this fashion staple are. Flares, because of their nature, stand as a testament to a bygone era of freedom, creativity, and self-importance. Their ability to engage with contemporary aesthetics is the only thing what matters with this style.

  1. Tips for Selection

All flares are not created equally. If you’re having a slimmer build, you might be more flattered with a tapered flare, while a more pronounced flare can act as a balance for a bulkier upper body. 

Ideally, flares should kiss the ground or hover just above the ground. If it’s too short, the look fades or if it’s too long, it becomes a tripping hazard and they will become damaged at the bottom. 

  1. Styles to Choose From

Classic 70s Flares are the typical flares from where it all begun. High-waisted, dramatic, and perfect for those looking to make a style statement.

Bootcut is a more subtler version which is widening slightly from the knee down. This could be an excellent choice for those dipping their toes into the world of flares for the first time.

Urban Edge Flared Jeans are for those who are looking to combine vintage vibes with a modern twist, these offers a unique blend of the two.

  1. Dive into Colors

While the classic blue denim is obviously timeless, don’t shy away from exploring the bolder shades. Charcoal, black, or even the earthy tones can elevate the look. Remember, the key lies in matching the color intensity with the occasion.

  1. Accessories – The Complements

Just like a painting needs a frame, the flares also demand complementary accessories. For example, Leather Belts can accentuate the waist and add some definition to your fashion statement. Boots can also elevate the look. A pair of ankle boots or loafers can harmonize the flare’s sweep.

As flares continue to make waves in the fashion world, they are more than just a blast from the past. They represent a blend of nostalgia and modernity. 

Section 3: Conclusion

We are now well aware that flares are more than just a style. They are a symbol of an era that displayed courage, innovation, and a fierce desire for self-expression. In a world where there are no bounds on the fashion choices, flares stand tall as a testament to one’s individuality and nostalgia.

Choosing the perfect pair of flares, as revealed by our survey, it is a complex dance of understanding one’s body build, aligning it with a chosen style, experimenting it with colors, and emphasizing with the right fabric and accessories. 

But, beyond any guide or any rulebook, one thing that gets the highest priority is one’s personal comfort and the confidence with which one can wear. The right pair of flare jeans fit one’s legs as well as resonates with their soul.

As you step out of your house, let your urban edge style be a statement for everyone. Let them whisper the stories of the past and hint at the future fashion enthusiast living inside you.

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