The Top 5 Best Champion Lore in League of Legends

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Yasuo – The Wandering Samurai

Yasuo, the wandering samurai, takes the top spot for having one of the most epic and well-developed storylines in League of Legends. Riot Games has invested considerable effort into building Yasuo’s character, and it has paid off handsomely. His tale is one of disgrace and ultimate redemption, making him a beloved and iconic figure in the League of Legends universe. The introduction of Yone, Yasuo’s brother, in a cinematic that tugged at our heartstrings solidified his place as one of the game’s most legendary champions.

 Viego – The Ruined King

Viego, also known as the Ruined King, is undoubtedly one of the best-written characters in the League of Legends universe. His unique and modern character backstory stands out, even in a world set in the distant past. The gradual transformation of his character into one of the game’s most formidable villains is skillfully paced, and his inevitable transformation into a powerful adversary allows for a captivating storyline. With his own standalone video game and a novel that delves into his origins and motivations, Viego’s lore is nothing short of epic.

Zed – The Dark Anti-Hero

Zed, one of League of Legends’ true anti-heroes, takes the third spot on our list. His lore provides an action-packed dark adventure, offering a unique perspective on the game’s narrative. Zed’s motivations and backstory are compelling and even relatable at times. His complex relationship with Shen adds depth to their storylines, making them some of the best in League of Legends. Zed’s existence as a shadow-based ninja cult leader adds to his allure, and his role as the necessary evil to prevent Ionia from becoming a land of pacifists makes him an intriguing character.

Azir – The Emperor of Shurima

Azir, the Emperor of Shurima, represents one of the most compelling storylines in the game. Shurima is renowned for its rich lore, and Azir’s character is at the heart of this fascinating region. His lore is a testament to Riot Games’ storytelling prowess, with an enigmatic tale that explores his rise to power, the supposed betrayal of his most trusted friend, and their reincarnation into the current society. Azir’s lore showcases the intricacy and depth of Runeterra’s storytelling.

Miss Fortune – The Pirate’s Revenge

Miss Fortune, not just a fan service character, secures the fifth spot on our list with one of the best-crafted stories in the game. Riot Games has given her a compelling backstory, complete with the aesthetic of a beautiful pirate lady and a convincing goal that is expertly told. Miss Fortune’s lore took an intriguing turn when Riot Games “killed” Gangplank, another champion in the game, adding a layer of depth to her character. The subsequent expansion of her story in the Ruined King: A League of Legends Story game, with Gangplank’s return to take back his pirate empire, further enhances her standing as one of the best-written female characters in the game.

While the ranking of the best champion lores in League of Legends may be subjective, these selections are based on the depth, development, and overall storytelling quality of each character’s lore. Riot Games has clearly invested a significant amount of effort in crafting these stories, making them some of the most successful and beloved aspects of the game. As the world of Runeterra continues to evolve, the lore of League of Legends will undoubtedly remain an essential part of the game’s charm and appeal.

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