Technology: How the World of Games Has Digitized

The gaming industry has changed a lot ever since technology became a huge thing in the market today. New and better innovations were developed so that gamers could have a chance of enjoying their favorite games while on their phones. Moreover, games are not only entertaining. They are also great for developing the mind. In this era, mobile gaming has become more popular than physical gaming arenas. As a gamer, you are required to learn the various policies that govern online gaming to be able to play your favorite tournaments with ease. You can choose the games you want to play from the site

Another amazing thing that technology did is that in online gaming, you could play with various participants worldwide, and through this, you interact with people and make new friends. This has made gaming more fun. 

Ways technology has changed the gaming industry 

  • HD tournaments are available through the Internet 

Before technology became a huge factor in the gaming industry, gamers had to have a console to be able to play various games, but now you don’t have to have one. Developers have developed a website where gamers can browse through and select various games that were Ince played using the console. Moreover, you don’t have to buy different games each time you finish one since all the games are on the website, and all you need to do is download the game and start playing it. 

  • Games are affordable 

Before online gaming, gamers had to buy PlayStations, which were very expensive. Yes today, some people still prefer PlayStation to online gaming. Still, online gaming has provided an opportunity for gamers who cannot afford PlayStation to have a chance to game. Since the games online are very affordable, many gamers have chosen to play online games instead. 

  • The games connect people 

If you are a gamer who hates playing alone, this is a great opportunity. Online gaming provides you with access to playing your games with your friends and family. You could also search for friends online who are playing the same game, and you get a chance to make new friends who share the same attributes as you. Many developers are making the online games asynchronous, meaning you can continue playing even if your friends are not online. 

  • Simpler and steadier payment 

Since the app store was developed, gamers got an opportunity to send money anonymously. Since casino-based games require various modes of payment, a person’s account could easily get hacked, and you could lose everything; this is why digital transactions were developed to send and withdraw money without any issues safely. Things like cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have made it easier for gamers to send money without being traced. Another advantage of using the cryptocurrency mode of payment, you don’t have to pay any commission to the casino operators. 

  • The surge of hyper-reality 

Hyper-reality combines virtual reality and physical reality so that gamers can have a realistic gaming experience. For example, when it comes to virtual reality, gamers put on helmets and go to a new gaming world. The difference between virtual reality and hyper-reality is that, in virtual reality, everything takes place behind the glass, while in hyper-reality, gamers have a chance to see in their headsets what is happening in the physical space of the room. Players also have a chance to catch objects while playing.  

  • Players are inventors

Shortly, technology will allow players to be part of the developing experience. New things like player-generated games will provide players with the opportunity of coming up with games that fit their liking. Things like music composers, easy-to-map editors and voice actors are one of the various ways in which will help players to come up with their particular games.  

  • Gaming-As-A-service

Another advancement made in the gaming industry is cloud computing; this gives players a chance to download games without worrying about the space in their computers. Moreover, players can easily play their favorite games without buying a console or a computer with more space. 


Technology has brought about many advancements in the gaming industry, as we have seen above. Though these developments have not yet ended, they are just beginning. Technology has also made it easier for gamers to increase since now they can play their games at affordable prices, and they can access them at any time through their smartphones, tablets and laptops. As time goes by, many game developers will start focusing on online gaming other than PlayStations and Xboxes. 

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