How to get your dream job as a mobile developer

Many people think about a job of their dreams, about how they will solve work tasks with joy, and how they will participate in interesting projects. But is everyone ready for this most coveted job? If you want to find the perfect place to showcase your talents, test yourself first. We will show the main interview questions and answers for senior iOS developers, and you can test yourself. We considered our level sufficient, then we will start looking for our dream job.

What to look for

In fact, everyone has their own dream. Someone wants to earn a lot of money, but for someone, a strictly regulated working day is a priority so that you can devote time to your family and your hobby. Someone is looking for a job that will make it possible to move to another city or country, and someone is not ready to spend even half an hour getting to the office. Make yourself a checklist of questions that will look something like this:

  • What salary will suit me?
  • Do I want to work in the office or at home?
  • What is the ideal work schedule for me (can I agree with overtime, and what do I want for it);
  • Do I want to work in a company with a clear corporate culture, or do I prefer a democratic environment?
  • How important are social status and career growth for me (do I want to become a leader)?
  • What working conditions are important for me (office remoteness, workplace, etc.)?
  • Do I need a job for success or for money?
  • Will I have the opportunity to show initiative and creativity?

This is a minimal list, you can add your own questions to it. It is important to answer all questions honestly. If we are talking about salary, then you need to sit down and calculate how much money you need per month, or year, in order to feel comfortable.

Where to look

First of all, it is better to look among acquaintances, colleagues, in the inner circle. These people know you and your capabilities. If they have a job in mind that they think will suit them, then there is a higher chance that it will become their dream job.

Search the forums where mobile developers communicate. In addition, colleagues can always honestly tell what the company is like, what conditions, teams, and projects are there.

If you decide to look for a dream job on specialized sites, choose sites where employers are checked. In order not to get into a situation where you were promised mountains of gold, but in fact everything turns out much worse. 

How to search

You need to look for a dream job correctly, and most importantly actively. Sitting at home and listlessly responding to vacancies, you will not find a dream job. Make a competent resume, which we have already written about, and a list of companies that suit you or where you would like to work. The next step is to send out a resume. Even if you don’t get an answer, don’t despair. Recruiters shared with us a secret that the main thing is that a resume gets into their database. A suitable vacancy may appear in a week, and then they, first of all, check all the candidates from their database, and only then place ads and look for candidates on the sites.

Finding your dream job is not a quest. This is a conscious path to follow. How much time will pass between the answers to the checklist questions and the senior Android developer interview is unknown. But the more active you are, the faster you will find the very job that was your dream.

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