Choosing the Perfect Curtain Bangs Curly Hair: A Guide

The curtain bang is one of the few bangs trending on the market today. These bangs have been around for a long time but recently become more popular. It is a great option if you need to enhance your appearance and access different styling options. One of the styling options you can try is with curly hair. Curtain bangs curly hair offer a new level of beauty to help you stand out.

If you are hearing about this wig type for the first time and need enough information about them, you are in the right place. This guide will offer important things you need to know about curtain bangs and curly hair.

Table of Content

  • Benefits of Luvme Hair Curtain Bangs Curly Hair
  • How to Choose the Best Curtain Bangs Curly Hair
  • How To Style Curtain Bangs
  • Differences Between Normal Bangs and Curtain Bangs
  • Where to Buy Curtain Bangs Curly Hair?
  • Conclusion

Benefits of Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

Flattering Frame

Both curtain bangs and curly hair are a match made from heaven. They complement each other well and offer a flattering frame. The curtain bang’s texture adds dimensions to your hairstyle and enhances the curly locks.

Versatile Hair Styling

When it comes to curly hair, the curtain bangs offer different styling options. They can be straight while you blend them with the rest of your curls or style them with curls. You can make the curtain bang the focal part of your hair or blend them with your hair.

Balance and Proportion

In general, curly hair looks heavier or more voluminous at the bottom. However, curtain bangs will provide balance and create more proportion by adding weight to the top of your face. This will help harmonize your appearance.

Face-Framing Effect

In general, curtain bangs offer a face-framing effect by accentuating your facial features. They will draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. When combined with curly hair, your beauty will be on another level.

Low Maintenance

In comparison to other bang styles, curtain bangs have low maintenance. They have a feathery, soft end that combines well with your curly hair. Therefore, you also don’t need a lot of styling. If you want to achieve a good look , you can consider curtain bangs on curly hair.

How to Choose the Best Curtain Bangs Curly Hair

Curl Pattern and Texture

Curl patterns and textures will affect the appearance and movement of your wig. Consider the tightness of your curls. Are they tight coils, bouncy curls, or loose waves? In addition, remember that the shape and weight may determine how your curtain bangs look and blend with your hair.

Face Shape

Another thing you need to consider is your face shape. Different styles work for different face shapes. When you choose an ideal style, it will enhance and flatter your facial features. For instance, longer curtain bangs may be suitable for oval or rectangular faces, while shorter bangs would work with round or heart-shaped faces.

Maintenance and Styling

While curtain bangs don’t need a lot of maintenance, you need to trim them regularly. So consider whether you can keep up with the maintenance and also consider styling options available with curly hair. Next, determine whether they align with your preferences.

How To Style Curtain Bangs

As mentioned, curtain bangs need low maintenance than normal bangs. On the other hand, you can style your curls as you want. However, you might want to use your finger to coil the bangs to help achieve the desired shape.

You can also use a styling brush on your bangs to achieve the desired look. So if you want tighter coils, you can use your finger and a brush. In addition, you can use a suitable styling product like gel or mousse to hold your curls.

Differences Between Normal Bangs and Curtain Bangs

Shape and Placement

Normal Bangs: These bangs are also known as blunt or straight-across bangs. They cut across the forehead, covering it from both sides.

Curtain Bangs: Curtain bangs are parted in the center or to the side. In the middle, they are longer and become shorter towards the side. They create a curtain-like effect to frame your face on both sides.

Styling Versatility

Normal Bangs: There is a limitation to the number of styling options for normal bangs because of their shape. You can wear them straight, styled to the side, or with a slight curve; however, the styling option is still limited.

Curtain Bangs: On the other hand, curtain bangs offer different styling options. You can style them to the center, swept to the side, and push them back to draw attention to your forehead. In addition, curtain bangs can be styled with loose curls for enhanced texture and movement.


Normal Bangs: Normal bangs have straight edges; therefore, they always have a sharp and straight appearance. Also, they have a sleek and polished appearance. However, you need to trim them regularly.

Curtain Bangs: Curtain bangs feature a soft and feathery look, which offers an easygoing and relaxed feel. Because of their soft texture, these bangs can blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Where to Buy Curtain Bangs Curly Hair?

Curtain bangs on curly hair help switch your appearance nicely. However, you need to be careful about where you buy your wig. Your wig source will determine the longevity and how much you can style it. Hair brands like Luvme Hair offer different types of wigs at affordable prices without compromising quality.


Curtain bangs and curly hair combine so well that you will look more beautiful than you can ever imagine. This guide will provide information on choosing the best curtain bangs, curly hair, and other things you need to know. You will be able to understand the benefits of these wigs and how they compare with normal bangs.

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