IVF Treatment Options Available At IVF Centers In Jaipur

IVF or in-vitro fertilisation is a fertility procedure when external egg fertilisation is done before inserting the egg into a woman’s uterus. In-vitro fertilisation has revolutionised infertility with many techniques and treatment options to conceive a child when the natural process fails. It gives couples and individuals the optimism of extending their family who failed to conceive naturally.

The most-preferred IVF clinic in Jaipur, Aastha Fertility, provides many options for infertility treatment for people with difficulty in conception. Their individualised approach, innovative techniques, care and attention, trained fertility specialists, and techniques make the fertility centre the best choice for IVF treatment in Jaipur.

The Need For IVF Treatments

  • The increased infertility frequency due to hormonal imbalances, lifestyle decisions, environmental, genetic and other disorders or factors has made IVF treatments a necessary option in the past few years. 
  • Couples dealing with infertility can now opt for IVF treatment since the approach has several choices to increase their success likelihood in conceiving.
  • Surrogacy, using donor sperm, ICSI, IVF, and IUI are treatment options for infertile people to increase successful conception likelihood. 
  • IVF procedures are becoming increasingly necessary, emphasising the significance of having access to the procedures and the rising preference for infertility solutions.

These choices usually benefit people having medical issues or those who can’t conceive due to age. Besides, it is the best way for single, same-sex individuals and those who want to have a child without having a traditional relationship.

IVF Treatment Options Available At IVF Centers In Jaipur

IVF clinics in Jaipur provide many infertility treatment choices for singles and couples having trouble having a kid. Depending on the medical background and individual circumstances of an individual, any choice is suggested by the IVF specialist. It is crucial to consult with an experienced medical expert to choose the most effective treatment or therapy, including the following:

A. In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

  • In vitro fertilisation or IVF is the assisted reproductive technology or ART-type in which an egg is fertilised in a laboratory dish with sperm outside the body. Then, the embryo is implanted into the female’s uterus to progress into conceiving after being fertilised.
  • Low sperm count, ovulation issues, and blocked fallopian tubes are some issues the IVF may prove beneficial to infertile individuals.
  • Expert embryologists and physicians provide direction and treatment by employing innovative approaches and tools to help people succeed in pregnancy.

B. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

  • Another form of assisted reproductive technology or ART-type is IUI or Intrauterine Insemination. 
  • This procedure injects concentrated and cleansed sperm into the woman’s uterus while ovulating. 
  • This approach is frequently suggested to address slow sperm motility, low sperm count, or other disorders associated with sperm.
  • This pain-free and simple treatment is done in a clinic under the direction of a specialist. 
  • Intrauterine Insemination increases the likelihood of fertilisation and conceiving, and ovulation is stimulated by combining the therapy with fertility medications.

C. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

  • The ART or assisted reproductive technology approach or technique used for infertile men is ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection. 
  • In a laboratory dish, one sperm is directly injected into an egg as part of this procedure. IVF specialists suggest this approach when sperm motility is poor in individuals or their sperm count is low. 
  • An expert embryologist or medical professional directs and supervises the procedure using innovative techniques and technology.
  • ICSI is a successful potential treatment to increase the likelihood of conception and fertilisation.  

D. Donor Eggs

  • When a woman fails to fertilise or conceive using her eggs because of genetic disorders, early ovarian failure, or advanced age, she can use donor eggs for conceiving a child. 
  • This procedure entails fertilising the donor’s eggs with the prospective parent or the donor’s sperm. Then, the resulting embryo is implanted into the uterus of the receiver.
  • With a high success rate of this approach and about 50 to 60% average pregnancy rate for each embryo transfer, donor eggs are usually acquired through egg donation programs. 

Although this treatment option is challenging and costly for people, conceiving the child is still possible.

E. Surrogacy 

  • People dealing with conception problems or getting pregnant naturally have the choice of using a surrogate. 
  • For the prospective individuals, a surrogate woman delivers the child and carries the embryo. 
  • In Gestational surrogacy, the embryo is produced using donors’ or intended parents’ sperm and eggs, while in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate’s eggs are fertilised. 
  • These two surrogacy options help people get a child through a surrogate. 

However, this therapy involves money and effort to complete the process. Besides, this process is complicated since it involves medical examinations and legal contracts.

The Best IVF Centers For IVF Treatment In Jaipur

The top centres for IVF treatment in Jaipur significantly assist people in accomplishing their dream of parenthood. Couples and individuals receive treatment from knowledgeable and professional fertility specialists in these best facilities, including Aastha Fertility. They provide individual treatment approaches and care using world-class technology, facilities, and IVF treatment options. 

Choosing Aastha Fertility centre for IVF treatment in Jaipur will make the process simple and convenient, giving families and couples the success of getting a child. Schedule your free online consultation with the experts now to learn more. 

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