Fun 7 Ways to Make Money That Won’t Consume a Lot of Your Time

These days, probably not many will disagree that making money is a good thing. In a capitalistic world, everyone has a chance to earn.

In recent years, particularly since the pandemic, people have begun to seek other income streams besides their regular jobs and employment options. Part of the attraction is that some methods are fun and don’t consume much time.

Let’s look at some of these methods – maybe you’ll find something you want to try out.

1. Complete Online Surveys

Some companies want to know people’s opinions as it helps them to provide better marketing for their products. These surveys are easy to complete quickly. And many of them are fun as it involves giving your opinion on various matters.

The pay varies from a few cents to numerous dollars, but over time, these payments can become an excellent financial reward. Moreover, giving honest yet constructive feedback is an important life skill you train that way.

Check out some of the best companies offering money for filling out surveys.

2. Mystery Shopping

In an increasingly competitive age, firms want to ensure they provide the best service. Many companies hire mystery shoppers to pose as customers to determine their performance.

The mystery shopper is given money to spend at the store and paid for their time. It’s an easy and fun task; many people would gladly go shopping without spending any of their own money! It’s a great way to generate hundreds of dollars quickly.

3. Surf The Internet For Money

Some companies want people to watch ads as they search the Web. You install an app, and relevant ads are shown when you search the net. By clicking on these ads, the person gains a few cents. Over a while, the earnings accrue.

The activity can occur when the person uses the Web for everyday use. Therefore it is a relatively easy task. People often use the internet for entertainment, so utilizing these apps will not be boring!

While on the subject of the Internet, it’s even possible to sell unused bandwidth to companies. For instance, the app Honeygain buys used bandwidth from people; it’s an easy way to earn money without much time consumption.

4. Listen And Review Music

Music is one of the joys of life; everybody loves it! Some companies will pay people to listen to music online and give it a simple review. It is a good way for music companies to find emerging talents and to ensure people notice the world’s future music stars. 

Many websites recruit people for these endeavors; it’s a great fun way to earn a few hundred additional dollars over the year.

5. Enter Competitions

Countless websites and companies run competitions daily with a market view and promote their company. Entering competitions is a fun way to win prizes, some of which are cash-based. However, many are physical items such as a television, a new iPhone, or a computer. It’s possible to take these prizes and sell them for a profit!

The entry requirements are straightforward, such as answering a simple question. The concept is based on luck; the more competitions a person enters, the bigger the chance of winning. It’s possible to win a good range of prizes and money by devoting a short amount of time regularly. For example, Heart Radio in the UK has some of the biggest cash prizes.

6. Test Products

Companies often send out new products for consumers to test. Some even pay people to try them and provide feedback. These items are often based on skincare, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. But some big electronic companies also give away their products before launch to test and spread awareness.

Sometimes products may be online courses – for example, photography, marketing, or even data science courses. Students’ opinions matter a lot for platforms that want to provide good service. This might be your chance to learn new skills as well as to save money on expensive courses.

The range of products is often location dependent, with a vast reach in countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK.

7. Investing

Investing is an excellent way to earn more for those interested in finance; it’s a form of passive income. Though capital is required to invest, a sound investment will see the value rise.

For instance, in 2020 and 2021, investing in cryptocurrencies could have yielded returns as much as 1000 times the initial investment. Sometimes, it’s a case of being armed with the correct information at the right time.

However, it’s essential to invest carefully and after you’ve done a lot of research, as reckless investments may make you lose hard-earned money.


The Internet and the sprawling number of smartphone apps have opened many fun ways to earn money without taking a great deal of a person’s time. In addition to these methods we’ve listed, there are many other ways. Examples include selling unwanted items, renting out things you don’t use, and even getting paid to watch TV!


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