Creating Ecommerce Product Videos That Convert

Most product retailers depend on digital marketing and advertising to drive sales through their online channels. And that’s what customers want—at least 73% of online shoppers who watch demos of a product are more likely to buy it, and 95% have watched an explainer video to better understand a product they’re interested in.

For sellers, this is a clear opportunity: create product videos that answer questions customers are asking, then use them to convert prospects into paying customers.

Of course, that’s easier said than done—a lot goes into video production, and what works for one brand won’t work exactly the same for the next.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about creating high-converting product videos.

Different Types of Ecommerce Product Videos

Before diving into product video production, it helps to know what kinds of videos you can produce.

Here’s a list of the most common types of product videos for ecommerce brands:

  • Explainer videos. Product videos that explain what the product does and how it works.
  • Product demo videos. Videos that show a product in action to highlight its features and benefits.
  • Comparison videos. Videos that compare different products side-by-side, highlighting their similarities, differences, and benefits.
  • Unboxing videos. Product showcases where a customer candidly opens their order in front of a camera to show viewers what’s inside a product package. 
  • Review videos. Customer reviews of products that explain why they like or dislike them.
  • How-to videos. Tutorials that show how to use a product for a particular use case, step-by-step.
  • User-generated content (UGC). Social media or streaming video content that customers have created about your product for their followers.

What type of product video is best for your brand?

Ideally, your video marketing strategy should comprise different types of video. This way, you can provide customers with a comprehensive look at your products that helps them make an informed purchase decision.

But focusing on too many things at once can be overwhelming for brands that are just starting out with video. Instead, start with one type of video (e.g., an explainer video) and build from there.

As you gain experience and confidence in your video production skills, you can add more types to the mix for a well-rounded product video strategy.

When it comes to creating eCommerce product videos that truly convert, it’s crucial to collaborate with a professional video production service. Their expertise can help you craft compelling visuals that effectively showcase your products and engage your target audience.

To decide what kind of video content to start out with, ask yourself these three questions:

What does my target customer already know about my product?

If you’re selling a simple product that most are familiar with, there’s a good chance your customers already know how to use it. If that’s the case, reviews, unboxing videos, and UGC are the best ways to relate to your customers (most of whom will be deciding between your product and a competitor’s.)

If your product is unique, brand-new, or otherwise complex, an explainer video can help educate customers and make them more comfortable purchasing it. Product demos and how-tos can also help them understand how your product could be used to solve a problem they have.

What types of videos have other brands in my industry been successful with?

Researching what other brands in your industry are doing can be a great way to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Look for common themes and trends that stand out, then take them as inspiration for your own video content.

Of course, you can’t expect to copy other videos and see the same results—but it can be a great starting point for context.

What pain points or questions do my customers have? 

Your product videos should answer the questions your target audience is asking. You can better understand their needs by paying attention to customer reviews, surveys, and feedback on social media.

You can find this data easily using a sentiment analysis tool like Brandwatch or Mention. That way, you will understand what topics are trending and which ones your customers care about the most.

Armed with this insight, you can create product videos that directly address these pain points or questions, demonstrating why your product is the best choice to solve their problem.

Tips for Creating High-Converting Ecommerce Product Videos

All brands have their own secret sauce when it comes to video (and plenty outsource it to an ecommerce video service), and there are some universal tips to help you create high-converting ecommerce product videos:

  • Keep it as short as it needs to be. Your videos should be long enough to explain the features and benefits of your product, but not so long that they become tedious or boring. Try to keep them under two minutes if possible (unless, of course, your goal is to create a longer feature video).
  • Focus on the story (from your viewer’s perspective). Videos are all about storytelling, so make sure your script focuses on how your product can help customers solve their problems or reach their goals. This will help keep viewers interested and engaged as you highlight your product’s key features and benefits.
  • Add engaging visuals. Visuals are an important part of any video. Videos with engaging visuals and animations tend to perform better than those without, as they can grab viewers’ attention quickly.
  • Make sure it looks professional. Even on a limited budget, it’s important to make sure that your videos look and sound professional. Invest in quality audio equipment, cameras, and editing software to produce polished videos that convince customers your product is worth the purchase.

Final Thoughts on Ecommerce Video Production

The most important factors in ecommerce video production are keeping your audience in mind and creating content that speaks directly to their needs. By following these tips, you’ll be set up for success when creating high-converting ecommerce product videos. Remember, the key is to highlight your product’s features and benefits in the context of your customer.


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