Child Actors To Keep an Eye On

Child actors are the present and future of the entertainment world, so it’s a good idea to get to know what stars are making waves!  From fantastic sitcom professionals to DC Universe stars, these are some of the top child actors billing in 2022.

Keep an eye out for these names: they’re going to be hitting it big in no time!

Lilly Aspell

Best known for her role as Young Diana in Wonder Woman, 2017, this Scotch-Irish actress was only ten when she took on the titular role.  A keen equestrian and actress, she’s able to take on roles with large complications that most performers her age wouldn’t be able to.  Now almost 15, Lilly is still wowing crowds and has a large number of acting and stunt jobs ahead of her.

Billy Jenkins

Another turning fifteen this year, Billy Jenkins is a young actor best known for his role in the Crown.  He was also in Cursed in 2020 and Holmes and Watson in 2018.  His career is quickly growing, with fans excited to see him in every role he picks up.  Although his IMDB updates have slowed since 2020, there’s no doubt that he’ll find tons of work on film and television in the coming years.

JD McCrary

If you’ve ever seen the Paynes, you’ll know JD McCrary on sight!  This popular star is also known as the voice of young Simba in the 2019 rendition of The Lion King and is recently becoming popular as a singer as well.  Most recently known for his role in Vital Signs, he’s blowing people away with his skill despite not being fifteen years old yet.  JD McCrary can hold his own against actors of all other ages and is one of the best child actors to keep an eye out for.

Jeremy Maguire

Possibly best known for his role in Modern Family, Jeremy Maguire is a nearly 12-year-old actor who has been making waves on everything from The Last Ship to General Hospital.  Known for his adorable looks and great connection with other actors on set, he’s capable of taking on a large slew of roles.  Although his acting jobs have slowed down as he nears teenhood, he’s expected to see a lot of career growth within the next few years!

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

Starting her career at just a few months old as Lily on Modern Family, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons has spent her entire career blowing people away with her skills and lovely looks.  In many recent roles, she’s strived to break out of the sitcom foothold she was born into, and we don’t think she’ll struggle to get out of it!  Her acting chops are incredible, and she’s expected to go far within the next ten years.

Child Actors Are the Entertainment World’s Future

Some of the largest celebrities today started out as child and teen actors: so it’s no secret that being a big child actor now can get you a big amount of success in the future!  Keep an eye on these stars; they’ll be making it big in no time!

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