How To Improve Your Academic Writing?

For students, it is normal to feel concerned about their academics and grades. When it comes to academic writing, many students fail to score good marks despite working hard. The main reason behind this issue is that they are not aware of the best strategies for writing.

To improve your skills, always stay focused. When crafting an essay, try to use an active voice, stay on the topic, learn how to punctuate, and most importantly, empower yourself with knowledge!

So, if you’re a student struggling with academics, we will share some useful tips for improving your academic writing in minimum time. So, let’s get a start without wasting any time!

Easiest Tips for Improving Your Academic Writing

As an essay writer, most students fail in time management, as they don’t know where they should put more effort and where they should not. The main thing for improving academic writing is that you must be perfect in time management.

Once you have got a clear idea of how to divide studying hours for all subjects, now you should focus on practicing writing strategies to excel in improving academic writing. Look at the practices you should follow to score the best results.

  • Stay On Topic

Most students get distracted when they start composing and unknowingly get stuck on something irrelevant. For instance, if the topic is how to train your pet dog, you must give a brief introduction about the dog and then move on to the training part. 

Pay attention to not writing lengthy details about dog’s genes and what kind dogs are the cutest, etc. Make sure to stay on the actual topic.

  • Do Not Stretch The Topic

Students make another mistake when they take too long to describe a simple thing. As a reader, everyone gets bored of reading long paragraphs explaining a single idea. So, be concise and use short and easy-to-understand sentences.

The purpose of writing should be to convey the information in a way that readers find interesting. The unnecessary prolonging of the sentence can be turned off for the reader. So, introduce the topic and then move on to the information the reader wants.

  • Use Active Voice

It is another strong factor that impacts the quality of an essay. You must avoid using the passive voice as much as possible. However, where it doesn’t make sense in the active voice, you should go with the passive voice.

Active voice improves readability, and the reader can understand the message quicker than passive voice. Also, your assignments go through various software, and artificial intelligence rates active voice much better than passive voice.

  • Avoid Repeating Information

Most students commit this mistake by repeating the same information repeatedly in the article. Whether they do it to complete the assignment’s word count or do it unknowingly while going with the flow, it impacts the quality.

Do not repeat something you’ve already discussed in the assignment. Instead, write about other relevant stuff that readers find helpful without getting bored. The best way to keep track of writing is to write about one thing in each para.

Once you close the paragraph, introduce another relevant information and then carry on with that in the following para. 

  • Write Easy-To-Understand Stuff

DO NOT use the vocabulary or phrases that will make the reader open up google to search for meaning. Remember, you’re not trying to impress someone with your amazing literature or vocabulary. Your purpose is to convey the information in such a way that users find it fun to read.

For example, we often get bored when granny or that uncle in the park stops us and preach about something. We tend to move away silently and prefer to research because nobody wants to spare an hour listening to a never-ending tale.

So, convey the information in a precise interesting way that a reader enjoys reading. You can also add relevant, funny phrases to create user engagement.

  • Use Formal Language

Most students mistake easy-to-understand language with everyday speech-language. Know that you should never use a causal writing tone when crafting an essay. Instead, you must follow the proper pattern of formal sentences. 

However, the formal sentences should not contain extreme stuff which can confuse the readers. Writing aims to make it beneficial and equipped with relevant information professionally.


As a student, you must practice. Also, try to follow different techniques and tips when composing the essay. It will help you to improve your academic writing score. With the help of such simple strategies, students can score the best result in academic writing without much effort. Hopefully, the tips mentioned here will help the students to secure the highest grades and to polish their writing skills!

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