How to Be a Successful Car Designer in India

To become a successful car designer in India, one must have a passion for cars and possess some basic skills and interests. Proper guidance, innovative ideas, and business skills combined with engineering education could give a person a successful career in the future. To become a successful designer, an aspirant must require an undergraduate degree in automobile design.

What is the importance of a car designer?

A used cars in el cajon designer is a person who creates the appearance and functionality of cars, buses, trucks, and various other types of vehicles. A designer typically focuses on three areas, that is: the interior design of a vehicle, the outer body (design and colour), and sleekness. Through creativity and proper skill sets, they try to improve on existing design mechanics fulfilling consumer demands and comfort of a vehicle, types of materials and design techniques used, etc.

Tips to become a car designer in India

Following are some useful tips that can help you become a car designer in India:

  1. Get a bachelor’s degree in the field– To become a car designer, a person needs a bachelor’s degree in automotive design or any other engineering degree. Multiple automotive designing courses in India are available, which you can opt for to gain the right skill sets. 
  2. Always stay updated on the latest trends– One should have sound knowledge of the latest automotive design trends and stay up to date on the most recent trends in the car industry.
  3. Pursue a master’s degree for improvement– A master’s degree in industrial design or engineering may be an added advantage to working in this field. 
  4. Apply for internships– Experience in any field is important to become successful in that particular field. Even an unpaid internship may give you so much knowledge in gathering vital practical field knowledge. 
  5. Build a portfolio– A good portfolio that highlights your creative side and awareness of current trends and styles in the industry. Doing freelance assignments will act as a bonus to your portfolio as well.
  6. Get in touch with a professional team– Try to become a part of a professional group for a better understanding of the latest trends, design ideas & techniques.
  7. Participate in relevant conferences– Participating in car designing trade shows and conferences to make new contacts may open a potential new role in the job industry. Also, you will get to gather a lot of knowledge about the industry.
  8. Collaborate with a start-up company– As a new car designer, try to get an opening with a start-up company that might pay less but give immense field work knowledge on alternative designs and innovative ideas.
  9. Submit your ideas to some automotive publications– Automotive publications are always interested in new thoughts, designs and ideas. Send your sample designs to them to build a good portfolio and get recognition in the industry. 
  10. Stay updated about new tools– It’s crucial to stay familiar with the latest computer-aided designing software and similar tool as much as possible.


The most creative and exciting job in the market is to design a car. One who has a passion for cars can easily succeed in future by showing his interest in pursuing a proper car design course like the hybrid and electric vehicle course.  An automobile Design Engineers salary in India can range from Rs. 3.1 Lakhs to Rs.8.7 Lakhs.

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