Enhance Air Quality: Discover the Power of Industrial Baghouse Filters

In the realm of industrial air purification, the focus often centers on the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, wherein the industrial baghouse plays a pivotal role by efficiently filtering large volumes of dusty air, particularly in cases of significant dust concentration. The filtering element is a filter fabric that ensures the purification of particles smaller than 1 micron.
Various materials can serve as the filtering fabric: fabric itself, felt, fuzzy, smooth, of natural organic origin (wool, silk, flax), artificially organic (Dacron, nylon), natural mineral (asbestos), and artificial inorganic (fiberglass). For the purpose of fire safety (preventing electrolysis), synthetic and glass fibers of the filter material include fine electrically conductive fibers or are impregnated with antistatic agents.

Baghouse filters are designed to purify air from any dry, non-adhesive dust. They feature inputs for connecting multiple independent dust fans. These filters maintain a residual dust concentration of 5 ppm and can be equipped with a control cleaning stage to reduce the residual dust concentration to 1 ppm.


Regeneration of fabric filters is carried out by two main methods: shaking and reverse air cleaning. Shaking can be mechanical or aerodynamic (a pulse of compressed air is supplied to each filtering element). The latter, in turn, can be carried out through pulsation, the impact of sound waves, sudden changes in the flow of dusty air, and other methods.
Reverse air cleaning, as usual, is carried out by purified gases or air, and in this case, an additional fan is used. Reverse air cleaning with purified gas is considered gentler and is used in filters with fiberglass.

What are the advantages of baghouse filters?

  • Firstly, higher efficiency, i.e., a higher degree of gas cleaning.
  • Secondly, the ability to clean at any gas pressure, at any concentration of suspended dust particles, at high temperatures.
  • Thirdly, the use of chemically resistant materials.
  • Fourthly, complete automation of the process is possible.

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