Business Smartphone Data Plan (Talkmore Norge): How to Choose?

You probably know that providing your employees with corporate mobile devices will allow you to ensure higher data security. Therefore, you should learn how to choose the right plan that will ensure your employees have enough data and talk time they need.

Employees may not use smartphones as you expected them, especially because they may have personal devices that are restricted. It is vital to protect your business secrets by offering them a chance to use corporate smartphones. Still, it is an expense for your business, meaning you should determine the best and most affordable data plan.

You probably know that communication is crucial for your success, meaning smartphones are essential for ensuring reliable and effective communication. It does not matter whether you wish to meet through video conference calls, traditional calls, various productivity apps, or emails, your employees need to have relevant plans.

During the pandemic, people were unable to reach work, meaning smartphone was the only way to communicate with each other. That is why you can take advantage of video conferencing technology to ensure the best course of action. Still, choosing the best business plan can be a challenging endeavor.

You should consider different factors such as coverage, data limits, connectivity, and many more. The main idea is to understand whether plans are compatible and meet your needs and requirements. Finally, the plan must meet your budget too.

Tips for Choosing a Business Smartphone Plan

1.   Determine Your Requirements

You should understand your business needs when it comes to finding a proper mobile device plan. Learning and understanding how and where your employees will use the devices will help you determine the best course of action.

We recommend you analyze employees’ usage patterns, phone bills, and other factors, which will allow you to learn how much they talk monthly. At the same time, you should determine the coverage area, because it depends on your location. A provider comes with a specific location where you can use the mobile device without entering data roaming issues.

However, if your employees are going to travel across the country to your other business branches and factories, then you should get specific plans with data roaming options. Of course, they are more expensive to handle each month, but it is way better than spending extra each time someone goes outside the coverage area.

You can find employee monitoring software that will deliver relevant insights into their behavior and activities.

2.   How Much Data They Require?

You should know that providers will charge you for data expenses, which is the time spent browsing around, watching videos, and using specific communication apps for conference calls. Therefore, determining the amount of data your employees require is a challenging endeavor.

Suppose your employees receive and send emails all day long, or if they wish to upload or download significant files. In that case, you should get a considerable data plan. Some providers will offer you unlimited data, meaning you can use as much as you can.

If your team is using mobile devices for text messaging and phone calls, then you should choose the relevant plan that will not require too much data. However, some businesses allow significant data to the employees due to video conferences, huge files, and other essential factors they need to handle.

You can find plans with unlimited texts and talk, while with the cap on the data expenses. These options are more affordable than unlimited data plans, which can be expensive when sharing with various devices. Still, it will provide you with peace of mind, since your employees can easily call and send relevant info in real-time.

3.   Coverage

As mentioned above, it is vital to determine the best provider that will offer you significant coverage. Everything depends on the area you reside in, but business travel is a common option, especially if you have employees who must check out other businesses.

Therefore, you should choose the largest providers to prevent the traveling stress that comes with lousy coverage and reception. For instance, if your employees travel across the country, you can find a provider that will offer you coverage in all areas they wish to go. Nowadays, the coverage is way better for talking or Talkmore norge, texting, and using cellular data.

On the other hand, if your workers will stay within the limits of your hometown, or go through a specific region, you should choose the provider who has the biggest local presence. Everything depends on your preferences because nationwide solutions will provide you with the best plans you can use, while local will have limited options.

When it comes to international travel, most carriers feature specific abroad connectivity solutions. Therefore, you should talk with a representative to determine the best international plan based on your requirements.

Implementation of the Best Data Plan

You probably understand that most providers will offer you a transparent breakdown of their prices and services by using specific charts. That way, you can compare their options and solutions. The main idea is to consider the factors mentioned above, which will help you determine the best course of action. The most common factors included within a plan are:

  • Texting
  • High-speed data
  • Cellular data
  • Phone call
  • International calling
  • Wireless hotspot
  • Third-party apps

Security Factors of Business-Issued Mobile Devices

You should remember that when your employees use business-issued mobile devices, you can rest assured because they come with additional security features you may not implement in regular devices.

1.   Enhanced Privacy

Compared with other options, you should remember that business-issued mobile device comes with additional privacy compared with the individual devices that people bring to their companies.

For instance, it is challenging to determine whether sensitive company emails are private on someone’s device. Therefore, the process of forcing employees to password-protect their own devices is counterintuitive and impractical.

2.   Control Usage and Apps

Another important consideration is the ability to control each aspect of how your employee is using the smartphone. We are talking about the apps they can install and the options they can choose. Of course, it is challenging to make a mandate for their devices, but on the company-issued options, they should avoid installing specific apps that can compromise data.

At the same time, you can maintain record management, which will help you follow the relevant backup and safety protocols and policies. Besides, if the person quits, you can perform a remote wipe, meaning no one can take advantage of your security situation.

Some models feature specific software where you must log in to obtain security access. For instance, you can get a security platform that will protect your work data, ensure their encryption, and separate them from additional activities. As soon as you enter here, you will learn more about choosing the best plan for your specific needs.

Advantages of Work Phones

  • Work Remotely – When you get company-owned mobile devices, you can allow your employees to work wherever they are. This is specifically perfect for companies that feature a work-from-home option; while the employees must be available in emergencies and unexpected events.
  • Compatibility – As soon as you decide to offer your employees a work phone, you will put everyone on the same hardware and software, meaning they will be compatible with each other.
  • 24/7 Access – Specific employees must be available 24/7 due to the nature of their work, especially if they are responsible for systems and servers. Therefore, when you offer a phone, that will make them accessible each time you need them. Besides, you can add proper software and contracts that will provide them with access to everything they need.
  • Hiring Strategy – When you offer employees a specific working mobile device, you are providing an incentive to future employees and people who wish to apply to your company. This is especially important for professionals who have socio-economic issues for buying their own devices.
  • Monitoring – Another reason companies offer smartphones to employees is to monitor usage through protection and security apps and software. That way, you can reduce time theft, while preventing potential issues such as data leaks and breaches that are common in industrial surroundings.
  • Reduce Expenses – The more lines you have in a single plan, the more money you can save overall. Remember that this is an essential advantage of having a company plan because reimbursing employees for business use of their devices is more expensive than getting them separate devices. That way, you can ensure overall safety, and maintain efficiency throughout the process.

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