Microdosing with Golden Teacher Mushrooms for a Brain Boost

There are many promising capsules or herbal medications that can boost your brain. They often leave favourable effects to make you brighter and sharper. Yet, some don’t meet up to your expectations.

But what about magic mushrooms? Have you tried a small dose of magic mushroom, like Osmosis Brain Boost, to help you focus and concentrate? 

Even though there are not a lot of studies that deal with the use of microdose psychedelics, plenty of people report positive results. But this does not mean that there are no adverse outcomes.

It is usual to microdose with magic mushrooms in recent years, particularly Golden Teacher. 

Canadians use a little dose of this mushroom to boost their creativity, focus, and mood. By doing so, they can be more productive in their work.

What is Magic Mushroom?

Magic mushroom contains the psychedelic substance psilocybin. Together with other psychedelic drugs, they are illegal. Whether in microdose or recreational amounts, the law prohibits the use and selling of this drug.

People are still using psychedelics, even in microdoses. Shroom dispensaries in Canada are not even selling them discreetly anymore. People are moving toward using microdoses of shrooms for the beneficial effects they have read about them.

There are plenty of magic mushroom species, and each has its unique potency and characteristics. But the most popular strain of Psilocybe cubensis (magic mushroom) is the Golden Teacher.

Golden Teacher Characteristics

Golden Teacher is the most commonly cultivated strain of Psilocybe cubensis. It is also the best-known hallucinogenic mushroom. Its name came from the mushroom’s appearance -light brown, yellowish, with golden top caps.

Most users claim that Golden Teacher offers a more high-quality trip than other shrooms. They describe the feeling to be more visual and physical.

Despite the “trip” experience or how users describe it, what makes it enjoyable are the euphoric and outwardly hallucinations. That’s not to say that there are no side effects to using Golden Teacher. Some people experience nausea or triggered anxiety, but not as often as getting the desired “high” feeling.

Although many users know that there are other Psilocybe mushrooms, the ultimate shroom they’ll have in hand is Golden Teacher.


The Golden Teacher has been around for a long time. It is often associated with self-discovery and spiritual experience, which seems to be living up to its name.

How long the mushroom was known is not precisely recorded. There were plenty of theories when discussing its origin, and here are some of them.

The first appearance of Golden Teacher was in the mid-80s in Florida. The recognizable golden caps with yellow speckles make the mushroom easy to spot. They are large and elegant.

Another story of its origin is that it was from Hawaiian PES. They said a Dutch cultivator renamed it.

No matter what version of the story you believe in, it doesn’t matter. What matters is experiencing the euphoric effect it gives. In addition, taking small doses to boost your brain is another reason to try this mushroom.

Golden Teacher Experience

Golden Teacher mushrooms have an average potency. Trips are said to be short on average – two to four hours. Most people report having a calm and relaxing experience with this strain.

Golden Teachers are perfect for your first psychedelic trip if you are a beginner. But if you want a more intense shamanic experience, adjusting the dose to what you can take can work.


The dosage of the mushroom depends on the experience a user wants. If you’re going to microdose, you must take 1/10 of the regular tripping dose. Factors like body weight and mushroom quality can influence the user’s experience.

There is a computation for determining the dosage, although it is inaccurate. Measuring the psilocybin component is not possible, and people have different experiences. So, the best option is to do a trial-and-error method.

But for an overview of the dosage, here’s a quick look.

  • Microdose (50-200mg): Clear mind, focus, and concentration.
  • Mild Dose (200-500mg): Best for first-timers. Visual alterations and tingling sensation.
  • Half Dose (500mg to 1g): Feeling high, light, and changes in senses.
  • Full dose (1-2g): Full-on trip and objects swaying.
  • Deep dose (2-3g): Strong hallucinations and feeling of oneness.
  • Heroic dose (more than 3g): Extreme dosage.

Microdosing with Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher mushrooms can boost brain activity by enhancing focus and concentration when taken in microdose. When one stays focused on a task, it is possible to find solutions quickly and accomplish the work efficiently.

Microdosing with Golden Mushroom is the popular version available. When you buy ready-made capsules online, it comes with other nootropic substances to add more beneficial effects.

An example of a Golden Teacher mushroom microdose is Osmosis Brain Boost. The microdosing blend includes the Golden teacher mushroom and Lion’s Mane. Golden Teacher affects the 5-HT2A serotonin receptor, which reduces anxiety and depression. Meanwhile, Lion’s Mane mushroom involves the transmission of Glutamate. Hence, it increases creativity and cognition.

To Buy or To Grow Golden Teacher 

Since most people use Golden Teacher, it is also good to know if you should grow them yourself or buy them online.

Some people prefer to grow mushrooms than buy them since it’s cheaper and you can have a lot of stock. Meanwhile, others like the convenience of buying online, and it’s safer from prosecution than growing them.

Buying spores is legal since it doesn’t possess any psilocybin component. The only time spores become illegal is when it starts to germinate.

Aside from legality, buying is the best option for first-timers. They can read and ask online dispensaries about what they can use. Also, it’s a great option when you have no time to prepare microdose capsules or cook a meal with shrooms.

When you grow mushrooms, you can save a lot of money. You can keep the spores and cultivate them later. In addition, Golden Teacher mushrooms are easy to produce, and their spores are easy to collect.

So choosing whether you want to buy or grow depends on you. If convenience is what you want, there are online dispensaries like Zoomies Canada. Start cultivating your shrooms if you have the patience to grow, dry, and make whatever you want.

Growing Your Mushrooms

Golden Teacher is one of the most accessible Psilocybe cubensis strains to grow. It can fruit in any substrate and condition. However, it takes time for it to grow. You need to wait for two to three weeks for complete colonization.

Even though it is said to grow under any conditions, ensure to meet what the strain requires to get better and more potent mushrooms.

Golden Teacher Content

When you harvest your Golden Teacher mushrooms, it is good to know that it contains 90 percent water. It’s essential to note it because dried and fresh mushrooms have different grams required to meet the desired dosage.

Dried Golden Teacher contains 0.6 to 0.7 percent psilocybin by dry weight. Most dry Golden Teacher can start to give psychedelic effects at 1 gram. For microdosing, around 0.1 to 0.5 grams can work to boost your brain. But take note you’ll need to adjust the dose depending on what works for your body.

Ways To Enjoy Golden Teacher

Depending on your preferences, you can enjoy Golden Teachers in many ways. If you can stand the taste and texture of Golden Teacher, get to ingest fresh or dry shrooms. However, edibles, teas, and capsules are available if you don’t enjoy eating them directly.

Using ready-made products is easy when you want to microdose. You can limit your intake and enjoy Golden Teacher mushrooms’ brain-boosting experience.


Golden Teacher mushrooms live up to its name. This Psilocybe cubensis offers brain-boosting effects when taken in microdose. However, it is also one of the best options for getting high. So, whether you want to trip or be more productive, Golden Teacher mushrooms are the best for starting your magic mushroom journey.

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