Natural Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda that can Relieve Your Pain

A throbbing head is one of the most irritating things ever. Even though headache problems are among the most prevalent nervous system ailments, they are frequently ignored and underestimated. Although all headaches are different, they can be terrible and incapacitating. Several other undesirable symptoms are also brought on by the ones that occur when you have a migraine. 

Due to the effect of hormones, it affects women more frequently than men, typically by a rate of roughly 2:1. However, there are various natural remedies for migraine treatment in Ayurveda that can be very effective. 

Migraine Symptoms  

How do you determine if you have a migraine rather than just a headache? Watch out for the following typical signs:

  • Headache with pulsation, usually to one side
  • Nausea
  • sensitivity to light
  • recurring, pulsating pain
  • blurred sight
  • Lack of concentration
  • Symptoms may persist for two to three days.

Causes of Migraine

Various items eaten within the past 24 hours can cause migraines. Sulfites and nitrites in dairy products and foods like chocolate, coffee, meat, and red wine often cause adverse reactions in many consumers. By enlarging the capillaries and boosting blood to the brain, such foods can trigger a migraine attack. But you can’t just blame your eating habits for migraines; it also appears that inherited and environmental factors are at play. However, if you always rely on a prescription of medications, you fail to address the headache’s underlying source.

Natural Way For Migraine Treatment In Ayurveda

Everything you require to assist is provided here. Learn about effective natural migraine home treatments. Although they might not be a perfect cure for migraines, these can certainly aid in lowering their intensity and frequency.

Corresponding to this, hormonal deficits of the primary causes of female migraines can be treated with rosemary oil. Take a few deep breaths to inhale the steam after adding five to ten essential oil droplets to boiling water. CBD is one of the best essential oils that can relax your brain activity and improve your migraines, but make sure to Get medical Marijuana card before you consider utilizing it in your everyday supplementation.

  • Consume ginger tea

Taking ginger tea can help with other migraine symptoms, including nausea. Ginger root is believed to prevent prostaglandins, which cause headaches and stimulate muscle contractions. Ayurveda suggests consuming 2-4 grams of ginger daily to improve your health. Most medical professionals offer to include ginger in the normal diet because it is a powerhouse and promotes overall health.

  • Essential Oils to Inhale

Excellent home treatment can be breathing essential oils like jasmine, lavender, and rosemary. By addressing the causes of the discomfort and tension, soothing smells can help. Fortunately, lavender oil is a moderate sedative that assists you in settling down. Anxiety can be a migraine cause.

Corresponding to this, hormonal deficits of the primary causes of female migraines can be treated with rosemary oil. Take a few deep breaths to inhale the steam after adding five to ten essential oil droplets to boiling water.

  • Use a nasal drop of sesame oil.

As per Ayurveda, migraines are typically linked to an intensified vata dosha brought on by mental stress or sleep deprivation. Vata’s dry nature can cause dehydration, which can cause headache-inducing muscle rigidity and constipation.

Put around 4 drops of sesame oil in each nostril daily throughout the migraine attack to release the pressure that is caused in the body. Take a deep breath. Sesame oil calms your body and removes the gasses responsible for your pressure head.

  • Use nutmeg paste.

Make a mixture of water and nutmeg powder that you may massage over your forehead. According to migraine treatment, Ayurveda can aid in headache relief by promoting sleep. It is a spice that induces sleep; nutmeg also fosters calmness and relaxation in any circumstance. You can instantly feel better and fall asleep if you give your forehead treatment with nutmeg paste.

  • Yoga for Headaches

Yoga can help with mental peace and circulatory system relaxation. The Brahmi Pranayyam, also known as the Honey Bee Pose, is one of the greatest exercises for treating headaches. It is a breathing method where the waves of the humming noise tend to calm the nerves near the forehead and brain.

In this easy technique, put your index fingers in each of the ears. Your fingertips should be on the cartilage. Breathe in, breathe out, gently push the cartilage, and sound like a bee. Make a high-pitched tone while repeating this sequence three to four times.

  • Peppermint

A headache is relieved by the peppermint herb’s aroma. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory qualities that calm the nerves. You can consume freshly made peppermint tea or rub peppermint oil into your temples while leaving it for at least thirty minutes.


An old medical system called Ayurveda takes a holistic perspective on wellness. Treating a problem like a migraine takes into account the mind, body, and soul. Visit Prakash Nethralaya in Jaipur for migraine treatment in Ayurveda to receive ayurvedic benefits.

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