Katy Trail Bicycle Tour – Long distance bicycling

kitty trail trip all it does simply is break down for a multi-day journey where you want to at any time. First off all you can kind of plan where am I have a camp this night uh and then based on that. Where we have lunch and how much time? Where we must do this trip so i think it’s super helpful, I hope you find it helpful too.

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So, this is just going to be a little description of how it works but down below in the description:

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Trip planning considerations:

Here we don’t use like your average road time planning there I find maybe a rule of thumb might be to reduce your average speed on a road bike by two-thirds um for the kg trail. So, like I do about you know I could do a century ride about averaging 17 miles per hour but on the katy trail bicycle tour I usually figure about 11 miles per hour for me. You know just kind of come up with a good estimate on there. What you want to try to aim for as an accurate representation. How fast you’re going to be moving and then below.

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Your rest time in minutes at every trailhead and that I think is important to that’s where you want to give yourself time to really enjoy the ride and stop and look at things every trailhead has kind of some signage that talks about the history of the town. You are in you may want to read that you may want to just kind of sit and rest or lay down on the bench and rest.

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Self-Supported driving 

You want to give yourself plenty of time to do that also too if in the middle of the segment there’s things to look at sometimes too off the trail. You can kind of use that time to explore. What’s off the trail you know if you encounter wildlife or a landmark. Something so anyway that is uh what the rest time. It would really recommend you do a minimum of 10 minutes per trail head maybe even like I’m doing 15 on this example to give more time to enjoy it and see things okay all right.

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Your break time as I said it before the break time is defaults to what you typed above so I have 15 minutes typed above. So, you’ll see that the difference between the estimated time of arrival

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and the estimated time of departure on all these is 15 minutes unless. 

Katy Trail revive talk of safety

it’s also kind of a little unwieldy to navigate on a phone screen and in bright sunlight it’s hard to read your phone screen you might be dripping sweat so anyway do yourself a favor print it out fold it out put it in your pocket and then when you get to the trailhead. You can unfold it and see. Where you are seeing if you have extra time to kill or just kind of see what how many miles to the

next trail head.

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