How Yocan Uni Pro Accommodate Your Favorite Cartridge

In recent times, trends have been changing from cigarette to vaping with awareness of the harmful effects of smoking and higher consumption of nicotine. As with the advancement of technology in all walks of life, the vaping industry has also been revolutionised due to various devices. And the more significant is the cartridge-based vaping pen – Yocan Uni Pro.

What do you think if you get a smoke-free experience with cannabis? Sounds interesting..!🤩 It can happen with Dr.Ganja Yocan Uni Pro – a cutting-edge vape device that offers a wide range of customisation options for consumers. 

You seem curious to know about it. So, in this guide, you can learn how this Dr.Ganja Yocan Uni Pro accommodate your cartridge. Once it is fitted out, you will feel over the moon. 

Do You Know About Yocan Uni Pro? Let’s Know!

Yocani Uni Pro is a vaping device that’s known as Uni Pro Vaporizer Box Mod. Being an updated version of Yocani Uni, it’s highly regarded for its versatility and flexibility. Sophisticated manufacturing of its chassis via zinc alloy grants it the utmost durability. Whereas the ergonomic design with sharp edges boosts its holdness and provides a firm grip to users. 

Especially made Dr.Ganja Yocan Uni Pro is equipped with an OLED screen to adjust the settings on your own. Moreover, if you are looking for a device that can handle your favourite cartridge with ease, this Yocani Uni Pro is definitely worth considering. 

How Dr.Ganja Yocan Uni Pro Accommodate Your Cartridge

Let’s move to figure out how this incredible vaping pen can be a perfect choice for you…

Variable Voltage & Height Adjustment 

Yocani Uni Pro comes with a number of adjustment features and THREE variable voltage settings. This is because of adjusting the temperature as per the cartridge what you have to use. Ultimately, you can get an awesome flavour of your favourite e-juice or oil. 

Apart from the voltage settings, this vaping pen also grants you the leverage to adjust the height of the cartridge chamber in order to accommodate the varying lengths of cartridges. So, you can use cartridges of any length, from small to tall with no hassle. 

Magnetic Connection 

In the said vaping device, there is a magnetic adapter that connects the cartridge to the battery. This can assist in switching among various forms of cartridges without having to unscrew or screw in a new cartridge each time. 

This magnetic connection ensures a strong and secure connection, preventing the cartridge from falling out or becoming loose during its use. This is a more convenient option for the glass cartridge which is more fragile and prone to breakage if it doesn’t handle properly. 

Compatibility with 510 Cartridges 

The Yocani Uni Pro is compatible with a wide range of cartridges, including those that use the popular 510 threading. This means you can use most cartridges on the market today, including those from popular brands; Dr.Ganja, Vaporesso, CCELL, PAX, etc.

There is also a particular 510-thread adapter that permits you to use any cartridge with a 510 connection. So now, no need to be annoyed about having a cartridge with no magnetic adapter. Because it can be adjusted with Uni Pro efficiently. 

Compact & Portable Design 

As an average to the small size of anything seems more compact. The same is the case with Uni Pro as well. Having a small size enough fits awesomely in a pocket as well as in a purse. Thus, it’s easy to carry and take it along with you where you go.

Despite of its small size, Yocani Uni Pro still packs a powerful punch. This device comes with a 650mAh battery, which provides plenty of power for a full-day vaping experience. Interestingly, its battery is rechargeable. So,  you can easily charge it using a USB cable. 

Hassle-Free Usage

This vaping pen is incredibly easy to use without any hassle because of being simple and intuitive and having a hype of cannabis vaping.  If it is considered as an ideal choice for both beginners as well as experienced guys, it will not be wrong to say. 

To get started, all you need to do is attach your cartridge to the device and adjust the cartridge holder to fit its size. From there, you can use the device’s single button to power it on and adjust the voltage as needed. 

In addition, it also has a handy preheat function that can assist in warming up the thicker oils, ensuring a smooth and consistent vaping experience. Moreover its compact and easy-to-use design, it’s also an ideal option for on-the-go vaping.  

Summing Up

As vaping mode has altered in the current scenario, Dr.Ganja Yocan Uni Pro is considered as a more versatile and convenient option for vape enthusiasts. Having a lot of compatibility options, this vaping device accommodates consumers with a wide range of cartridges, regardless of size and height. This guide is overwhelmed with such features of this Uni Pro. So, it can be presumed that the gap in knowledge about it and to use it has been filled. 

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