Why Self-Awareness Is the Key to Success

Society has changed since the turn of the century. The public has become more aware of their feelings and the feelings of others. Therefore, the public has become more self-aware.

Self-awareness comes from a new movement in philosophical thought where the individual figures out what they believe. Then, they assess their actions to see if their beliefs match them.

It’s easy to have a belief but act in the opposite manner when you start to run out of financial runway. Freelancers experience seasonality, and if you don’t plan for it, you might panic when work remains slow.

Instead of compromising your beliefs or business practices, find ways to prevent compromising situations from occurring. 

Let’s look at why self-awareness is the key to success.

What Is Self-Awareness?

We provided one definition of self-awareness – matching your beliefs to your actions. Understanding yourself on a cellular level is another way to look at the philosophical idea. You understand your motivation and why you do some things over others.

You can pinpoint your feelings and actions to specific motivations. Moreover, you can acknowledge when you do something out of your character and why.

Self-awareness is composed of a few elements, including:

  • Empathy
  • Social skills
  • Self-regulation

Researchers dig deeper into the state and believe that two types exist, internal and external.

How  Self-Awareness Impacts Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs must read their target audience. Sometimes you’ll need to put yourself in their shoes to figure out their pain points and desires.

You can figure out your target audience if you understand yourself -that’s internal. Many brands have come under fire for using language, visuals, and campaigns that offend pockets of people. 

Therefore, entrepreneurs must have the fortitude to understand how others view them – external self-awareness. You might seek to sell t-shirts to all who would like to purchase them. In 2022, it’s more complicated than selling merchandise.

For example, if you position your business as environmentally friendly, you must live and breathe that ethos. If internet sleuths find out that you use sweatshops to manufacture your company’s t-shirts, it’s only a matter of time before words travel the internet. Then, it might make the local news.

How Self-Awareness Impacts Success

Most individuals have a conscience, and they tune into it. If you go against your beliefs, it can eat away at you. Some individuals fall deeper into the darker since they feel like frauds. Thus, that eats at success too.

Entrepreneurs have several responsibilities. Among them is adhering to business laws established by federal, state, and local governments. Government entities mandate some forms of insurance, such as worker’s compensation for freelancers too. Therefore, freelancers must obtain the appropriate policies.

Other forms of insurance are not mandated, but they benefit entrepreneurs, such as Amazon flex insurance options.

Self-awareness means that you’ll execute the steps that you know benefit your business. It also keeps you in the safe zone in terms of external self-awareness.

It takes more money and effort to defend and repair a reputation than to keep it on the right track from the onset. 

If you position your company to appeal to pockets of the population, live by your mission. Otherwise, acting differently will catch up to your brand and impact your company’s success.

How to Become More Self-Aware

Self-assessing is a great way to become more self-aware. Explore your mission and your actions and figure out if they still align. Then, explore how your target audience sees your brand. Do they believe that your company talks the talk and walks the walk?

On the same note, it’s difficult to change the hearts and minds of people who will not budge. The Bell Curve points out that a percentage of your target audience will stick with you through thick and thin. 

It also shows that a small percentage will never see your brand in the light that you prefer. Therefore, focus your efforts on your most loyal supporters. Then, find a way to earn more over time. 


Self-awareness has become one key to success. Entrepreneurs and brands can achieve success when they match their actions with their words. If you position your brand as a company that adheres to the principles of ESG, ensure that you talk the talk and walk the walk. It also helps to establish missions and directives that organically achieve favor among groups of people instead of engineering them. 


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